I was super happy I got Calvin over Thanksgiving break! Before we kicked off our fun weekend, we helped out at the Uhuru Collectibles, where we unpacked boxes and decorated the store. Then Calvin met my parents and my dog, Happy! I was so excited Calvin got to meet Happy! We had a great Thanksgiving dinner :) 
    We also went to San Francisco and got some black friday shopping done! We also went to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a lot of pictures!! Calvin also helped me buy a LOT of food at Costco, so I won't starve during Finals week! This weekend was an amazing weekend with Calvin and my family <3
I had so much fun going to a lot of places and eating yummy food! I'll definitely miss Calvin's company, but I hope he will have a lot of fun with the next Circle K'er!!

- Ayane Itamura


 I was super happily surprised when I found out that I would get to keep Calvin for the week. Unfortunately, I was not there to pick him up from the general meeting because I was studying for a midterm, but he told me he enjoyed his time with Sally lots until she handed him over to me on Thursday. After introducing him to my hall mates, I introduced him to my stuffed animals and they're all best friends now! Filmore Bear and Lebron the dog will definitely be missing Calvin. On Friday we went to the Bonfire rally!! He was amazed by how big the bonfire was. However, since it was raining, the bonfire was soon almost doused out and it turned freezing cold. His paws almost froze, but he was a very brave bear and I gave him some hot homemade milk tea to warm up. On Saturday, Calvin and I went to the Stanford game together!

Although we lost, Calvin commented on how wonderful Cal's band was and how they were a million times better than Stanford's band, which I wholeheartedly agree with. On sunday morning we went together to feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul's. However, the entire time he was stuffed into a drawer and was a little angry with me. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat and hang out with my friends. 
  On Monday Calvin accompanied me to the Projects Committee where he enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas and laughing at everyone's jokes. 

And at the end of the meeting, there was leftover chocolate, which was given to Calvin to munch on. Hopefully Calvin will save some chocolate for the next person who gets to keep him for the week! I will miss him!

Sephanie Yu


My time with Calvin was short but sweet. :) On Friday, we went to Hands on Science and we created an awesome lesson plan for the kids at LeConte all about the stars and planets. I think it will be a lot of fun for them, especially the space mangers activity. Calvin is kind of jealous of them because he wants to be an awesome space explorer too, like Buzz Lightyear!
  On Saturday, Calvin and I slept in and then ate a delicious Clark Kerr Brunch before heading over to Concessions. Calvin was really excited to cheer on Cal and he was so happy when they made their first touchdown. Even though Cal didn't win, we still sold a lot of pretzels and churros and raised tons of money for charity.

  Right after Concessions we went to the Fenton's social and watched as Kay, Angie, Chris, Jeffrey, Katie, and Kathy took on the Fenton's Challenge. Calvin didn't know if he could thrust 3 lbs of ice cream, but I think with his BEAR appetite he can! There's always next year!
  Sunday, I was so tired that Calvin and I just spent the day napping, with a little time for homework there and there.
  Overall the week was a lot of fun filled with meaningful service, fun socials and good friends.

Sarah Reed


Yayyy, I have Calvin! <3 And it's the best possible week to have him. Know why? Because it's FTC week! Dude, I am so excited... it's kidna crazy actually. Muahahahaha. I won't be able to concentrate in school because I'll be thinking about FTC too much (Imma be talkin' about FTC a lot, so bear with me [hehe... I'm so punny. XD]). Anywho! So after general meeting, I went to Bear Market to buy some snacks for FTC. Calvin and I just stared at the food longingly, actually. haha Wednesday --> Calvin came with me to a yoga class. He is actually quite accomplished at the "Sitting Bear" pose. Afterwards, we ate some yummy pizza at the Single Service meeting... I had to restrain him because he kept scarfing down those pizza slices. Friday --> I went to the Spirit and Social FTC workday, but Calvin wanted to rest up for the weekend.
FTC is over. :( But Calvin and I had soooooooooooooooooo much fun. We cheered our hearts (and voices) out, we met a lot of new people (oh, by the way, we officially love De Anza College :) ), and we went to many fun workshops. I absolutely loved the mystery aspect of the entire thing (props to Tammy Tieu for everything!). Unfortunately, Bonnie, Monica, Flo, and I didn't get the Target giftcards but we had fun trying to solve the mystery! The dance was also a lot of fun (Calvin didn't want to come with me... he was too tired. :( ). We stopped by Nation's on the way back. It was SOOO GOOD. Man, I want more pie now... :P So, all in all, this weekend is a weekend I shall never forget. Thank you UCB CKI (man we're fine!) for this amazing experience. Can't wait for DCON! <3

- Kay


Happy Halloween!!! ~ Month! I met Calvin on October 26, 2010! Whee! So! Since it was October, the month of Halloween festivities, Calvin and I went to set up for the Halloween festival YAY!!! It was a lot of work but the carnival looked well-prepared and scary good!!! Then we went to the Halloween Festival the next day! I dressed up as Alice and Calvin was in the kitchen most of the time around all the yummy food! :3 YAY! It was a long two days but it was all worth it. We helped clean up at the end and got to sleep, sleep, sleep afterwards! zzzzz! 
Although there wasn't too many events that we could go to, Calvin helped me clean the room in my dorm and help me for my anthro midterm this Friday. T__T Boo. Then, Calvin came with me to FTC Dance Practice! Then we went back to Clark Kerr and Calvin helped me study for a bit until I got the munchies and I went to go get a late night snack at CKC dining hall! Wee! Such good food. I feel super sad to leave Calvin because we didn't have too much time (grr... midterms!) But the next person who receives him should be super happy! FTC!!! <3
- Angie Yi


 Hurrah! Calvin and I formally met on the 19th and I brought him home. Although not much really happens in the room, he has had the "pleasure" of staying up past midnight (and even pull an allnighter) every day of the week! Calvin probably didn't like being kept up at night, and neither did I. :/
On Friday night, Calvin and I went to Circle K's Scary Movie Night! Of course, I wanted a good scare (and Calvin probably did too, so he tagged along >:D) Shutter and The Ghost were definitely quite interesting, both had their jumpy moments. The following day, Calvin and I were awakened by my oh-so-awesome alarm clock at 8am. Apparently I was so tired that I left Calvin at home during the Cal vs ASU game. Calvin probably knew the score at home anyway, with the computer there and all :3
Anyways, that night was horrible. We had to wake up at 5am to prepare for Cazadero, but my roommates kept us both up with their noise >:(. Cazadero was quite fun, but Calvin had to stay warm/dry inside my backpack most of the time. It was a fun weekend though!

- Ricky Liang


Sadly, me and Calvin didn't have that many great weekdays because I got Calvin the day before my Chem midterm :( But the week began to pick up on Friday when we went to the first inter-family social! Calvin and I brought mini Reese's cups :) Yum! So we play Super Smash Bro's on the PS2 (I think) and we kick Darrell's patootie when we played as yoshi. Then we played... umm... I forgot what it's called but we had to guess the word and pass on this clicker thing and do it before time runs out. xP After the social, Calvin came with me to the FTC skit recording. Oh ya! He also came with me to the props-making thing on Thursday night. We painted the Handy Dandy notebook from Blues Clue's xD The props were so artistic, it was like watching Blues Clues in real life and none of the characters were creepy. 
Then Saturday night, I went to the Circle K social in San Fran but Calvin was feeling a little sick so I didn't take him :( Darn that weather change :/ But it's okay cuz I actually got bus-sick and puked as soon as I got into the restroom @ Pier 39 so I doubt that'd be a sight Calvin would like to see. The rest of the week, Calvin just kicked it in my dorm, recovering for the next member of the week. :) So, as I'm writing this, I was looking through the photos and I caught you Calvin! Eating Reese's right out of the bag. haha! You, lil fatty <3 Well it was one fun-filled Circle K involving week! I added a lil ribbon to Calvin's paw so you better not forget about me, love!
                         <3 Polly Chen :)


I didn't get to meet Calvin until Wednesday afternoon and we didn't really get to have fun until Friday. (Too much homework but Calvin was understanding). So Friday was super busy but fun-filled! We had such a great time at Le Conte Elementary making yummy ice cream for Hands on Science. Calvin got a brain freeze but he learned how to stop one just in time... to enjoy more ice cream!

After that we went to the single service workshop and painted signs for the Children's Halloween Festival. Then we went to the Homecoming rally. I thought it was okay but Calvin had a blast. He especially liked the Main Stacks dance performance. Saturday we missed the game... but we were pretty productive that day. The first half of Sunday was boring but we had so much fun @ the Maroon 5 concert! Calvin's favorite song: Stand by Me :) sung by One Republic! Aww I had such a fun week with you Calvin. Until we get to hang out again ... <3

Tiffany Kyo


Yee! Even though I was late, I still got Calvin. He growled at me when we first met. I think he was excited for scared of all the fun that was in store for him! We went to my dorm and watched GLEE! Calvin agreed with me that it was one of the best shows on TV. The rest of the week was homework! Calvin was oober helpful with my derivatives and related rate problems, seems he's learned a lot in his years at Cal. Calvin came to work with me where he wanted to hide from all of the dangerous children. Afterwards, we ate at Crossroads. He strongly advised me not to eat the meat, for it was not entirely cooked. Calvin knows his meat! >:] The next few days were filled with Circle K events. He was excited to be doing service, 
but he told me that he was sad that he couldn't come out of the bag for most of them. "A bear's fur has got to stay clean," he said. 
    Calvin was excited to run into his previous owner from years ago--Josh. He growled in excitement. Afterwards he led the way to Target, so we could go make microwave cake with some fellow Circle-Kers that he may see again in the future. He liked the cake and asked for more, with extra honey! The next few days were filled with boredom and homework, but to make it interesting we watched anime together and I taught him how to say "I love Circle K" in MANY different languages!
- Devante Allen


  Yay! Calvin, which I have to say is the most adorable bear ever got to stay with me this week! I was so excited to meet him! I wanted to bring him everywhere and get him to meet everybody. Unfortunately, I, the most horrible companion, had a hectic week with my midterms right around the corner D: But Calvin supported me all the way! He rooted for me while I was studying and made sure that I was on task. He even knew when I needed a break and convinced me to go on the Washington Elementary project. We had so much fun there. Apparently, Calvin is an amazing craftsman. He was way better than me at taking apart wood and attempted to carry the heavy wooden poles himself. His strength was unbelievable!

Then, I was going to take Calvin to the Night on the Town social but he knew that I really wanted to go to Fall Free for All so he convinced me to study and take him to the performances on Sunday instead. When we came back, he said that they were spectacular and he even told me that he learned a lot from them! I'm going to miss you Calvin! Until we meet again (: !
- Jasmine Thai


We watched Minji sleep. But then Calvin got the flu and had to hide from society while I took my finals. He lost some weight too. Good diet plan. Later

                                       - Mayra


So I didn't go to any Circle K events. 
    But, he did things that he haven't done. I took Calvin to LBNL. I let him enjoy the view from up there. Also, he got to listen to all the nerdiest equations that he would never use lol. 
   On Friday, finally he got to drink (or watch me drinking). I know he is underage so I didn't give him alcohol. (Don't worry guys!) But he had to stay up until 6 with me.
   Other than that, he almost spent his time at the library. He must have finished a lot of work! :) 
   My Winnie-the-Pooh got to meet Calvin. And they liked each other!! It has been a year! :( Oh well! It's too sad that we can't have time together ㅠ_ㅠ 

                                                          - Young -


Calvin is such an awesome buddy! I didn't get a chance to hear him growl like how others before me have, but I still love him! For most of the week, he stayed in my dorm room helping me get through my papers and exams. But he got to meet my roommates and he had a nice time joining us in our movie. Watching and constant snacking =) I think he also enjoyed spending time with other Circle-Kers at the Walk for Affordable Housing event and he claims that he knows the ____ of BART very well! Later that day, Calvin met some potential Berkeley students at Cal Day and welcomed them warmly (even though he couldn't growl). He was extremely friendly, and they thought he was the cutest, most decorated little bear they have ever seen! Unfortunately, on Sunday, it was back to Calvin's routine of helping me work my way through all my readings. I <3 Calvin!
- Kathy Hua


Okay so first of all let me say that I did not know what Calvin was until I got him! I actually got Calvin late. Calvin stayed home in my dorm all week. I did not feel like bringing Calvin anywhere. We studied, slept together, watched movies and ate inside the dorm. What's funny that my friend came in and was messing with Calvin and got his finger stuck in Calvin's mouth for 10 minutes. He got mad and punished Calvin. Calvin went through some abuse that day but he is much better. 

He currently looks at me with his evil eyes! Swear, this bear is serious business. One day, he'll be a tough guy. but I hate how he's so hard, could Circle K replace him with a teddy bear that looks like Spencer from Wong Fu Productions? =) =D

- Dennis Tat


So... I was SUUUPPEERRR excited to finally meet Calvin. Calvin! He's so cute and very well behaved! After general meeting, I brought him home to meet my own family of bears (teddy, not real! haha) Mama, papa, and baby bear all really enjoyed Calvin's stay and even shared some of their hunnny with him because his tummy growled. Poor Calvin! He must have been really exhausted from all the excitement of the joint board meeting! We both fell asleep soon after because... yeah... food coma, haha.

   The next few days we went to the library a lot to study for my midterms. Calvin seems to be a MCB & Human Repro whiz! He was very supportive!
   After my midterms, Calvin and I went to the Karaoke social on Friday and had a lot of fun. He didn't get to sing though. He's okay.
    We went to the newsletter meeting yesterday and had a lot of fun! He says he wants to be a writer!
    Thanks Calvin for supporting me during my midterms!
<3 Sam Lui (Samantha)

(Sally says sorry for the huge shadow on the pictures! ><)


So I was suuupperrr lucky because I had Calvin for two whole weeks! The week right before spring break wasn't too eventful because I had a bunch of projects and midterms, but that was ok. 
   Calvin and I went to the Fundraising Committee meeting which was cool because we all got to plan the end of the year social. Calvin spent a lot of time chiling with me as I did my work. Right before spring break, I asked Calvin if he wanted to go to DCON because I wasn't going. Calvin said he would love to spend the week with me. I was so excited! So Sunday was my birthday so me and Calvin had lots of cake and went out for an awesome dinner and movie. 

He got to meet all my friends from high school and just get to know my neighborhood. I was so glad I got to hang out with Calvin. It was so much fun =)

~ Stephi Hamilton


Okay, Calvin is spending his last hours with me. I'm in Anthro right now but Calvin is sleeping because he stayed up with me til 5am. T__T
   Anyways, I was really surprised to take Calvin for a week. I was happy! Hehe. Right after the GM, I took him to the gym but he wasn't allowed in so I had to take him home. =( I made it up to him by doing an all nighter w/ him!
   So on Wednesday, I had a midterm; he went with me and I think I failed =/ But right after that, he went to a Balance workshop with me. 
    Thursday - I let Calvin rest. After Anthro Lab, I went to the gym so Calvin couldn't come. I felt so bad because he was supposed to go on a date with me to the Spirit and Social mtg. I made it up by buying 2 tubs of ice cream! He wallowed with me because I got some bad results from my Anthro midterm =/ . 
   I think he liked Walgreen's Waffle Cone ice cream. I guess caramel is pretty close to honey. 
    Friday - I went to Chaparral House with him! I think he enjoyed it. I was pretty embarrassed because I can't draw. 
    Saturday - we chillaxed! until 3, I took him to scrapbooking and he was quiet while I worked. So at night, CKI Board came over so I let Calvin sleep with me. He was guarding them =D
    Sunday was a busy day, I think after Board left, he was able to sleep for a few hours and then I snatched him and took him to the vaccination event. He played with this Golden retriever named Bootleg and when I was busy doing office work, he played with the cat. It was so cute. They were so curious of Calvin. I think Bootleg wanted to lick him. When I got home, I was so tired but I walked to Safeway to buy soda for the poutine party and he helped me choose a cake for Shera's bday! We went to Spirit day and yeah... lol! We went to Poutine party but we left early because I was tired out from daylight savings, 1 hr of sleep and full day off Monday we slept at 10:30 which is good!

    Monday - I let Calvin rest. He was tired. =( But he woke up when I was giggling and squealing when I saw ex-2PM member Jay Park flash his abs and sing "Nothing on You" on yt! (Sorry fangirl moment).
Well he stayed up until 5. I was procrastinating and he wasn't happy. Sowwee Calvin! =( 

Okay so I'm going to stay in Anthro, go to Ethnic Studies, study and then send Calvin off to the next MoW! =/ I had such a fun time. I'm going to miss him!
Take care of him!
- Michelle Tran 


Calvin had a lot of fun with me this week. Since one of my classes was cancelled due to the university strike, we only had to go to one class.
   Unfortunately, at the beginning of the lecture, Calvin decided to emit loud, high-pitched screams as the professor was about to lecture. Apparently, everybody thought it was the fire-alarm, so we had to evacuate the building (Dwinelle).
         Silly Calvin.
   On Friday and Saturday, Calvin followed me to a couple of Residence Hall Assembly Finance committee meetings, which lasted four and a half hours in total. We gave recommendation for some sponsorships and wrote a couple of Assembly bills to transfer money among different parts of RHA's budget. Also, during the weekend, we studied for my History 5 midterm. I told that if I'm not doing very well, he should start screaming again so that we don't have to finish the test.
   On Monday we went to an RHA meeting and he learned a lot about the process of passing sponsorships and legislation. Overall, we had a fun week and we learned a lot. :)
- Daniel Ganz


Calvin and I had loads of fun this weekend :)
I took him to Hands on Science, to play with the kids at LeConte Elementary School and he loved it! I think Calvin was surprised to learn that he was part of the food chain! Anyways, Calvin got a little upset with me on Saturday because I forgot to take him to Angel's Baking where we baked oatmeal cranberry cookies and world peace cookies... :( Calvin had wanted to eat the crumbs. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat with my friends and me at the Asian Ghetto. :)
   I think Calvin really enjoyed watching me study for chem and he learned a lot too I think. LOL I'm going to miss Calvin so much! Especially his growling that sounds like my stomach when I'm hungry. I hope he will have lots of fun this coming week with his new buddy!
Kathy Kim


I wasn't there to pick up Calvin at the general meeting because I was studying for a midterm. I was super excited when I found out I got to keep him for the week!
   Our first meeting was at Diana's apartment for the Multicultural Fair Work Day (2/18-2/19). Calvin was there to see me spray paint the awesome looking (hehe) samurai and cut out cherry blossoms.
   Over the weekend, Calvin and I went to the Multicultural Fair. He had an awesome time touring the entire world, and taking loads of pictures with people. Calvin's favorite part was meeting all the different types of animals. He made 2 new friends (Koala Bears).
   Last but not least, I took Calvin to the scrapbook meeting (2/22/10)! He definitely enjoyed looking through all the pictures of fellow Circle K members. There was one picture of Vincent and Darrell at the Halloween Festival that was particularly hilarious. haha
   I had a really fun time with Calvin. I hope the next person who gets him will enjoy his company as much as I did.
~ Brian Chan

P.S. Apparently Josh knocked Calvin off the table before I can get him. >:O Thankfully Calvin's a tough bear and was perfectly fine. :)


I want to thank Calvin the Bear for helping welcome me to Circle K – I loved his company this past week!

Unfortunately, he caught me at somewhat of an awkward time. What with a computer science project due and three midterms to study for, I didn't have much time to bring him on any grand adventures.

Let's just say he spent a lot of time hanging out on my desk with Doug the Llama, Chubs the Gnome, and the rest of the desktop gang, though he did get to meet a few of my human friends as well!

Over the weekend, Calvin accompanied me to my hometown near Sacramento, with a pit stop at UC Davis. My family was very welcoming of him, though my black lab was wary when he began to walk around and growl.

In turn, I hope Calvin was accepting of my nerdy activities, including epic lightsaber battles and pokemon naming contests with my 15-year-old brother.

We watched the opening ceremony of the Vancouver winter olympics on Friday, along with several events over the next few days. Calvin grew excited for the upcoming Circle K Tahoe social ta the sight of all that snow.

Sunday was a big day – Valentine's Day and chinese New Year! What a LOVELy start to the year of the tiger. I, for one, had a delicious dinner of chicken crepes.

It's time to say goodbye for now. I hope whoever's reading this makes sure to give Calvin a thrilling week – he's (or she?) one awesome little bear!



CALVIN and I unfortunately didn't get to spend a lot of time together. But we did end up watching the super bowl over the weekend – well watching the commercials and eating junk food. Other than that, we splurged on our meal points (well mine actually) at crossroads and foothill! He can be a lot of fun, except for the part where he snores when he's sleeping. :/.

It was great having Calvin stay with me for the week. I'll miss him so much – hope the next person has fun taking care of him!



Wow! Cannot believe it has been an amazing week! From the first day Calvin made a new friend! Finally one his own size too :) Soon after I got to take Calvin to a chemistry midterm yay! He helped give me confidence and HEY what do you know? I did pretty good on it too.

But now the weather got really cold and I started to go project crazy going to events left and right that Calvin just was not prepared for. But thankfully, I got to spend lots of quality time with Calvin at study-a-thon and especially final chill night. He got to roam the floors of the SLC and help play taboo!

He accompanied me to my families social too! We enjoyed watching glee and eating yummy food. And now comes the week of finals! So much to do just hoping that Calvin won't be too bored. Ahhh! Well, thankfully Calvin was always there to give me confidence as well as force me to study. I got to thinking Calvin must know almost everything, being at Cal so long. Knowledgeable bear. Well I decided to take Calvin to my finals as good luck, hope it works.

But now its break! Ah so excited to show Calvin to everyone. We decided to go shopping and go all christmasy :). He's good at choosing gifts for people. We got to go to grandmas for Christmas lunch and dinner. I got to show Calvin some of the best Chinese food I have ever had! Yum. Wow, with all that's been happening I forgot to say how awesome it was to have Calvin through my FIRST college semester! Wow ah.

Well after Christmas we just decided to chillax with our friends, playing Xbox and of course, eating! Now Calvin got to meet my two cats, Chatic and Chowder which means new animal friends! Wow all of our names start with “C”! That's cool. Well unfortunately I had to get nasal surgery which meant I wouldn't be able to do anything for a week... grr. He kept me company and helped me heal :)

Afterwards, we took a trip to UC Davis and showed him the huge huge campus. It was a lot different than Berkeley. But alas, it was time to come home. For the next week, we enjoyed videogames, new friends, and even high school, just to visit. I feel like I showed Calvin a whole new world. But finally, it is time to leave Alameda and go back to Berkeley. And move in day, Calvin right next to me in the car. Evil bear almost didn't put on his seat belt. Tsk tsk. But now back to dorms and Berkeley and our fellow Circle K'ers. Finally moved in, reuniting Calvin with his friend from before break, poochie (see other page and picture).

And here comes the first day of classes. I got to tell Calvin all of my adventures through the raina dn in the world of physics, math, engineering, and demography. Clearly uneducated bear, Calvin already knew most of what I told him. But me and Calvin both don't particularly like rain or cold. Luckily for him, he was able to stay home and not worry about his grades. But it's been great being able to come home and just chill with Calvin. DEFINITELY going to miss it. But now it is time to return him to Circle K. Good bye Calvin. Until next time!
Circle K for life!

Hey look it's me again. Surprise! Me and Calvin were just given one more week to hangout, giving us a total of over 2 months together. Since December 1st to February 2nd. Amazing. Has to be a record!

But this week was awesome did so much. Including going to Circle K table while we got to see all of our Circle K awesome friends and Calvin got to see mama Sooyun. Afterwards we partied with Minji and Lily since we won a date with them during Fall Banquet.

We got a delicious dinner made by Melissa and we made dessert – apple pie, yum. We got to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. YUMMY MOVIE! But this week went by fast and now it's on to first general meeting of 2010 and time to meet new people. Until next time, singing off!
Peace :)


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