So I didn't go to any Circle K events. 
    But, he did things that he haven't done. I took Calvin to LBNL. I let him enjoy the view from up there. Also, he got to listen to all the nerdiest equations that he would never use lol. 
   On Friday, finally he got to drink (or watch me drinking). I know he is underage so I didn't give him alcohol. (Don't worry guys!) But he had to stay up until 6 with me.
   Other than that, he almost spent his time at the library. He must have finished a lot of work! :) 
   My Winnie-the-Pooh got to meet Calvin. And they liked each other!! It has been a year! :( Oh well! It's too sad that we can't have time together ㅠ_ㅠ 

                                                          - Young -


Calvin is such an awesome buddy! I didn't get a chance to hear him growl like how others before me have, but I still love him! For most of the week, he stayed in my dorm room helping me get through my papers and exams. But he got to meet my roommates and he had a nice time joining us in our movie. Watching and constant snacking =) I think he also enjoyed spending time with other Circle-Kers at the Walk for Affordable Housing event and he claims that he knows the ____ of BART very well! Later that day, Calvin met some potential Berkeley students at Cal Day and welcomed them warmly (even though he couldn't growl). He was extremely friendly, and they thought he was the cutest, most decorated little bear they have ever seen! Unfortunately, on Sunday, it was back to Calvin's routine of helping me work my way through all my readings. I <3 Calvin!
- Kathy Hua


Okay so first of all let me say that I did not know what Calvin was until I got him! I actually got Calvin late. Calvin stayed home in my dorm all week. I did not feel like bringing Calvin anywhere. We studied, slept together, watched movies and ate inside the dorm. What's funny that my friend came in and was messing with Calvin and got his finger stuck in Calvin's mouth for 10 minutes. He got mad and punished Calvin. Calvin went through some abuse that day but he is much better. 

He currently looks at me with his evil eyes! Swear, this bear is serious business. One day, he'll be a tough guy. but I hate how he's so hard, could Circle K replace him with a teddy bear that looks like Spencer from Wong Fu Productions? =) =D

- Dennis Tat


So... I was SUUUPPEERRR excited to finally meet Calvin. Calvin! He's so cute and very well behaved! After general meeting, I brought him home to meet my own family of bears (teddy, not real! haha) Mama, papa, and baby bear all really enjoyed Calvin's stay and even shared some of their hunnny with him because his tummy growled. Poor Calvin! He must have been really exhausted from all the excitement of the joint board meeting! We both fell asleep soon after because... yeah... food coma, haha.

   The next few days we went to the library a lot to study for my midterms. Calvin seems to be a MCB & Human Repro whiz! He was very supportive!
   After my midterms, Calvin and I went to the Karaoke social on Friday and had a lot of fun. He didn't get to sing though. He's okay.
    We went to the newsletter meeting yesterday and had a lot of fun! He says he wants to be a writer!
    Thanks Calvin for supporting me during my midterms!
<3 Sam Lui (Samantha)

(Sally says sorry for the huge shadow on the pictures! ><)
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