I'm so honored to be taking care of Calvin this last week before summer vacation =] On Friday Calvin was the life of the party at this year's Spring Banquet. Calvin watched a lot of seniors say their goodbyes. He looked so sad... but I know he's eager for a new yaer of members to share adventures with!

On Saturday we helped set-up RCD's Walk-a-Thon. It was a picture-perfect summer day... Calvin and I took a pretty chill walk throughout campus to help place guide markers. After the event, Calvin and I went to Yogurtland with Bethany, Wesley, Anna, Ted, Sylvia, and Joe Lee! We went home with very content stomachs and returned to our normal routine of studying with our good friends Morrison and Moffitt >.<

Other than that, there was not much I could do with Calvin as MoW. I wish we spent more time doing fun stuff together but finals are fast approaching! Good-bye and adieu Calvin... have a great summer!


+ + +

You know, friends come and sometimes- they have to go. It's a good thing I was gifted with this amazing intelligence because I remember every single one of them.

On a different note, Morrison is the best place to nap. mmmmmm naps.


I had a very, very busy week and didn't get Calvin until Thursday. But he arrived just in time to ride to Fresno on the train. He thought it was an awesome ride as he got to see the sun set over the Bay. the weather in Fresno was great and me and Calvin spent the morning outside enjoying the sun.

On Saturday my grandparents came to visit and Calvin impressed everyone with his mighty growl (he even scared my dog!). He got to enjoy a delicious steak dinner with fresh strawberries for dessert. By Sunday though Calvin had developed asthma from the bad air and was happy to return to Berkeley and the fresh Bay air.


+ + +

Whoever invented steak was a genius.
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