What a lovely week! The first thing I thought was that I get to keep her over thanksgiving break. Woot!

So on Tuesday, Calvin came back to my room and met my roommate. Wednesday, the floor was nearly empty. :( Calvin, my floormate, and I made snowflakes. With 3 stragglers, Calvin and I went down to Shattuck ate delicious sushi. Who knew Calvin was Asian at heart? Then, we watched “where the wild things are.” it was SO SCARY. Calvin made me close my eyes at some parts.

On Thursday we took the BART to the Oakland Airport. The plane ride was farily short. Calvin and I watch an episode of “Boys over Flowers.” Haha I love that Korean drama. Calvin thinks F4 (the 4 Asian boys) are very cute. Hehe.

So my mom & sister picked us up from the airport & we went straight to my cousin's house! All my cousins were impressed with Calvin's growl and her adorable personality! We ate delicious food. Calvin's kind of like me... she LOVES all the side dishes. She eats a lot for a bear her size!

We watched “The Ugly Truth” which was pretty inappropriate. It's okay though! I covered Calvin's eyes & ears when necessary. Friday, Calvin went Black Friday shopping with my sister and me. Oh man, that was tiring!

Then we grabbed sushi with my dad. Saturday morning, we woke up nice and early to go back to Oakland. Unfortunately, I checked in late and so I had to wait at the Oakland airport for 1.5 hours until my luggage came. Calvin and I had a deep conversation about life :)

For the past 3 days, Calvin has been helping me with my poli sci 3 homework. It was SO HARD but we finished now so it's all good. Bye Calvin! I'll miss you! Fek finals are coming up ><



I was so surprised (but happy!) that I got Calvin for this week. It seriously made my week! We had an awesome week together =)

On Wednesday night we went to visit my best friend in Davis, and while she went to a IV frisbee game Calvin and I hung out watching glee with her floormates – they were all very impressed by his growl. Then we took Calvin on a hunt for yogurt and coffee, which lead to us not sleeping until the next day.

Thursday night he met some people from my church group and then stayed up all night with me while I did homework.

On Friday he decided he needed a rest from all these all nighters so he stayed in while I went to K-fam dinner. But he helped me and my floormates make cards for senior citizens later that night! Saturday day he motivated me to finally get going on my paper =) After fenton's he decided he needed another nap so he didn't go out with me but he made sure I was up bright and early sunday to do my paper! I kept getting distracted but he kept me on task! We went to bed for 2 hours and then he napped while I went to class.

Monday night I went to go see New Moon but Calvin hasn't read the books yet so he decided to wait. He kept me company until 5am when I (finally!) finished my paper and calmed me down when I woke up at 6 and realized I needed to RUN to the service project.

I will miss his company – especially during all nighters! But I'm sure he will be happy to get some rest and enjoy an AWESOME thanksgiving! Yay Calvin!



Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that my week with Calvin is already OVER. :( I've done so many incredbly fun things and had the most awesome experiences with Calvin the Bear this week. I don't know where to ever begin... I suppose chronological order would be the best way to explain my week. :D

Tuesday 11/10: I was so so so stoked to find out that I get to be member of the week!!! yayyy~ So that night, I went out to dinner with some of my friends, and of course I introduced Calvin to them (they thought he was the cutest thing ever) while we ate Korean food (Calvin has a surprisingly high tolerance for spicy food! :O) And then, since we had the day off for veteran's day on weds, my friends and I decided to go KAROKE!!! We sang our hearts out and then proceeded to our little slumber party at one of my friends' lounges. Calvin showed off his awesome singing + dancing skills. It was a spectacular night!

Wednesday 11/11: I was uber tired from not sleeping the night before, so today was a mellow day. Even though I promised Calvin I would be productive, I ended up being a couch potato and watched Korean dramas. What a waste of a good day off. Oh well! At least Calvin got to learn a few Korean words! :) He's going international, you know. [Calvin wrote some Korean here] ← He wrote that :D

Thursday 11/12: Today, Calvin helped me get through one of the most important events I had to attend this week → My CALSO individual interview! I was really really nervous, but Calvin said to take a deep breath, relax, and have fun. And w/his advice, I think I manged to do fairly well. OH! And Calvin also helped me get some more info about my assassin, since we are playing an intense game as of now. Watch out, target!

Friday 11/13: Despite today being Friday the 13th, I wasn't having a bad day at all. There was even a unit 1 dance, so my friends and I dressed up in pretty semi-formal attire and was about to have a great time until... MY ASSASSIN CAME & KILLED ME! :( I guess Friday the 13th did have its effects after all. I was really depressed that I got killed off during the 2nd day... But Calvin knew how to cheer me up! We sang Aladdin (the theme song) together. It was very relaxing.

Saturday 11/14: I went back home to Pleasanton, CA to see my family. I actually only live 30 minutes away, so Calvin didn't mind the travel. My family loved him. My mom even cooked for him some yummy Korean food and Calvin enjoyed spicy rice cake dish a lot :3 :D

Sunday 11/15: When I came back to Berkeley my friends and I wanted to go to SF Japantown. I wished I could have taken Calvin with me, but I was just too afraid that something might happen to him, so he stayed home and guarded my dorm. Later, I showed him everything I bought. He loved it all :)

Monday 11/16: It was back to school work as Calvin helped me practice my Japanese. Also, my friends and I began our own round of Assassins, so Calvin told me to redeem myself from Circle K assassins FAIL and helped me kill 2 targets in one night. Mwahaha- we also went to watch the Leonid meteor showers! Calvin was amazed, though he stayed in this bag → it was freezing cold!

Tuesday 11/17: It's already Tuesday and i'm so sad I have to let Calvin go. I had so much fun this week and I will never ever forget these precious moments I got to spend with him. General meeting is about to start in half an hour so I must tear myeslf away from this passport. I really do hope that the next Circle K'er who gets to take Calvin really treats him well. He needs ALL of your love & smiles & cheering. :) Thank you UCBCKI for letting me make incredible memories with the mots incredible bear, friend, brother ever. CALVIN I'm going to miss you :(



I was honored to have Calvin be my guest this past week. Unfortunately, our week didn't start off too fun, since the first couple of d Calvin was with me he had to stay home because it was raining really hard.

But after that, Calvin and I had a lot of quality bonding time. On our first date, I took Calvin out to see an Indian (Hindi) A-capella singing competition. I think he really enjoy it!

The rest of week, Calvin has been my faithful study-buddy for my upcoming midterms. No matter what time of day or what place, I could always count on Calvin to patiently stay beside and help me with my review problems (little known fact: Calvin is really good at statistics!).

As our week together comes to a close, I can't stress enough how much I am going to miss Calvin being my guest and I hope he continues to have an amazing time with whomever hosts him in the future.



I was really surprised when I got member of the week, so I stumbled as I went over to get Calvin.

The very first thing I did with Calvin was to have Airi hold on to him while we walked back to our dorms, since she missed him so much. Well when Calvin and I reached Foothill, he met all my suitemates and they all loved him! (Even if he did walk and growl through a game of Apples to Apples!) Calvin has been a comfort to me, as my roommate was absent for the entire week due to illness. :( He also posed for a picture holding asign addressed to a friend to get better. She is currently fighting bone cancer.

Calvin also went to all my classes and defended my Unicef box while I went around campus. I'm happy to say that box is getting heavier. On the event of Halloween we went to the Children's Halloween Festival workday and worked until very late at night.

That day I also took Calvin to Late Night at Crossroads with some new friends we made from the workday. I had to put Calvin in my backpack to save his eyes from burning from people's “costumes,” which weren't really considered clothing.

The next day we got up early to go to the Children's Halloween Festival!!! It was a lot of fun and Calvin was happy that the kids were scared by the haunted house.

After our fun adventure, Calvin and I did some hardcore studying for math midterm and paper. Finally, today is Tuesday and I have to give Calvin back. I'm sad that I won't have Calvin anymore. My friends and I grew fond of him. I'm glad that I at least got to spend my 18th birthday with him. Goodbye Calvin! I'm going to miss you! Have fun meeting new people and going on greater adventures!



funny story. Given that this is my second time receiving Calvin, I'm sure he knew the kind of stuff I did throughout the week. Last time I had him, I took him home to So-Cal. What's funny is that I went home this week too!

This time, though, Calvin didn't want to miss out on the stuff going on here. So, while I went home to celebrate my mom's birthday, he played my understudy here at Berkeley. He took my bed, my desk, and now Monica and Darrell think he's (or she... I read the passport and was like “Whaaaat”) the coolest roommate. I gotta step it up... sigh. But Calvin's awesome-- I wouldn't blame him :)



BAHHhhHhhhhhHhhHHhHhhhhhh T_____T

So basically, I'm pretty legitly depressed to part ways with Calvin because our week together was straight-up, AMAZING. We did soo many things together, like going to classes, eating dinner at the CKCDC, and even got intimate enough to sleep in the same bed! :O I mean, come on, you don't meet a bear that will willingly sleep in the same bed as you every day ;)

I introduced Calvin to practically anyone I could get a hold of – from my family back in Torrance, CA to my best friend up in Chicago. People ewre really really excited to meet Calvin, and Calvin was definitely having a blast making lots and lots of new friends too!

The biggest event Calvin and I attended this week was CKI North. It was definitely worth the early wake for the both of us because we had lots of fun jump roping, skinning the snake, human-pyramiding, mingling with fellow circle K'ers, & much more! Calvin was fired up that day, and growled on his kickbutt UCBCKI teams, the Tri-creeps, something-Flower Anaugers (lol sorry, can't remember name),the Blue Baracudas, and best of all the succulent sea cucumbers!

Thanks to Calvin's (and many other Circle K'ers) constant support, the SSC placed 2nd as a whole & 1st in the Pirates division! Woooo <3>

I really hope Calvin had as much fun as I had w/ him this week, and I will miss him very very much :( I hope he can bring lots of smiles to the next Calvin owner just like he did for me, and keep spreading the Circle K love :)

Thanku Calvin for a wonderful time, and thanku circle k for a wonderful opportunity. OMG I'm gona stop writing before I get even more sentimental about this LOL



Honestly, I forgot to bring Calvin to the Cal vs. USC game :( but maybe it was for the better (bless his virgin eyes, 3-30? COME ON!) I was also going to paint him her* (thanks Brian) purple (shoutout to Purple Pandemonium Woot Woot!) but I didn't think people would appreciate his new color :( as our family would.

Calvin's a great bear. After rigorous psychoanalysis and hours of unblinkingly long nights, I have concluded that Calvin, just might be... alive (the very thought troubles me so!)

BTW Calvin pooped out two fat pieces of batteries (props to whoever can get those back in). I don't know what he's eating, but 1800-Jenny-Craig much?

Anyways, one week just isn't enough for the bundle of furry excitement that Calvin truly is... Hope the next member of the week will take good care of him!

-Eric :)

PS: Calvin tried to eat me.

+ + +

WE LOST 3-30?!!!

...I mean... It was fun being with you, Eric! And honestly I wouldn't've minded the purple, hehe. It's a nice color, I think (although I'm kind of more fond of blue and gold. I guess I'm biased).

and of course I'm alive!! dead things don't poop, you know. wait, or do they?

h- hey, I wasn't trying to eat you, I swear!! I was just smiling, okay. really!

Oh and who's Jenny Craig? Is she cute?


This has been a week of discovery for Calvin and I. First, Calvin got to find out what its like to live on frat row, very much unlike other living experiences in other apartments, I'm sure.

Calvin also got to know how extreme Extreme Pizza really is. But I had the privilege of discovering that Calvin is reportedly a female bear!! (Check the passport at the back). Shocking, I know!


+ + +

Extreme Pizza was pretty darn extreme. Just like me! Except not as much.

Woahhhhh there. Okay. Confession time. There was a time in my life when i thought I was a female. But you know-- gender doesn't really define me! I'm Calvin, and always will be Calvin, regardless of whether I'm wearing a suit or a dress. And Calvin's love for Circle K will not change either way, and that's the most important thing!

Anyway-- thanks Brian! I really enjoyed chilling with you at your apartment. Even if it's on frat row!


It was great seeing Calvin again after a year, and I'm sure Calvin was happy that I'm back. Right after the meeting I introduced Calvin to my roommates and they loved having another cal bear (literally!!!) over. Calvin has learned a lot since I last saw him since he was able to both help us study, and help me make awesome smoothies as well.

Wednesday consisted of Calvin giving me a nostalgia tour of the stuff I missed during my year off.

Thursday was interesting. Did you know that Calvin was well versed in multiple martial arts. He threw me to the ground in one motion and absorbed my kicks.

After a busy week, Calvin slept in on Saturday while I was out on service projects. My roommate Grace took great care of him though. On Sunday, we went to Adopt-a-Creek where Calvin actually helped us pull out an entire tree.

On Sunday I took Calvin out for chinese food and we also went to the SLC to study for midterms.

Overall a great week full of adventure. I'll post some pics on facebook soon enough. A great start to the year indeed. I am sure Calvin thought it was great having me back. Calvin will have more adventures soon enough with both new faces and old. So enter fall 2009 and good luck with the rest of the semester Calvin. Good luck and stay safe.


+ + +

I missed you John! I'm really happy to know that I'll be seeing you around.

And of course I'll stay safe! I'm so hardcore strong I'll be able to deflect whatever harm comes my way! (Plus I have all you guys at Circle K to back me up hehe)

Summer Plans

written by Vincent Lim.


I'm so honored to be taking care of Calvin this last week before summer vacation =] On Friday Calvin was the life of the party at this year's Spring Banquet. Calvin watched a lot of seniors say their goodbyes. He looked so sad... but I know he's eager for a new yaer of members to share adventures with!

On Saturday we helped set-up RCD's Walk-a-Thon. It was a picture-perfect summer day... Calvin and I took a pretty chill walk throughout campus to help place guide markers. After the event, Calvin and I went to Yogurtland with Bethany, Wesley, Anna, Ted, Sylvia, and Joe Lee! We went home with very content stomachs and returned to our normal routine of studying with our good friends Morrison and Moffitt >.<

Other than that, there was not much I could do with Calvin as MoW. I wish we spent more time doing fun stuff together but finals are fast approaching! Good-bye and adieu Calvin... have a great summer!


+ + +

You know, friends come and sometimes- they have to go. It's a good thing I was gifted with this amazing intelligence because I remember every single one of them.

On a different note, Morrison is the best place to nap. mmmmmm naps.


I had a very, very busy week and didn't get Calvin until Thursday. But he arrived just in time to ride to Fresno on the train. He thought it was an awesome ride as he got to see the sun set over the Bay. the weather in Fresno was great and me and Calvin spent the morning outside enjoying the sun.

On Saturday my grandparents came to visit and Calvin impressed everyone with his mighty growl (he even scared my dog!). He got to enjoy a delicious steak dinner with fresh strawberries for dessert. By Sunday though Calvin had developed asthma from the bad air and was happy to return to Berkeley and the fresh Bay air.


+ + +

Whoever invented steak was a genius.

Camp Cazadero

Written by Vincent Lim


Calvin was very excited that he got to come and stay with me again! He was even more excited this time I think because we went on even more adventures this time!

On Friday Calvin was sad because we didn't hang out with Circle K, but I forced him to go to Santa Cruz with me to eat food, and then to Santa Rosa to meet friends who just came home! I was glad he came because when I came home to Berkeley that night I was threatened by a mean raccoon in front of my apartment, and Calvin had to scare it away for me with his powerful, fear provoking, growl!

On Saturday we had fun at ROCK trying to play soccer.

On Sunday I let Calvin sneak into concessions with me, but he refused to work and just kept eating hot dogs. But we all (the 2 of us) had to leave early to catch Louel's show. (Which was awesome btw) I think Calvin enjoyed it too.


+ + +

Any raccoons or other creatures that plan on threatening Andrea any time soon better watch out!! I eat creepers like you for fifth dinner!! (which, by the way, is the most important meal of the day!)


Yay! i'm so happy I got Calvin this week! On Friday, I took Calvin to the Rugby concession stands where he sat watching guys tackling one another in their short shorts. He really wanted to run out and play with them, but decided to stay with me to help sell food. I'm sure Calvin attracted many customers and helped us raise a lot of money!

Saturday, I took Calvin on a bus ride to Roberta Bliss's house where we made PTP dolls for Pediatric trauma! He sat watching us attempt to use the sewing machine. With his guidance, luckily no one got hurt. Later we had an amazing lunch, picnic in Roberta's backyard in the perfect weather.

After we got back to Berkeley, Calvin came with me on BART to Fremont where I took him to my Uncle's birthday dinner. My little cousins had a great time playing with him and I hope Calvin had a fun time too!


+ + +

It's not everyday that I'm endowed with the opportunity to play with boys in short shorts, but I think it was best that I helped Crystal out with concession stands instead! 


Ahhh it's been a week already, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Calvin was a little confused of how CRAZY his week was, but he has made a fully recovery. He relaxed on my desk for some of the week because I ___, but then Friday afternoon we were off! and he couldn't get to rest on my desk again until Sunday night.

He came to the hands on science planning meeting and then we went to the gym and the cardio salsa class and Calvin perfected his awesome moves and impressed the ladies. On Saturday we went to Eggster, but there was paint a-go-go so Calvin stayed in my bag most of the time to avoid flying paint from the kids (and Circle K'ers) who were making straw paintings.

On Sunday he came to the Family Park Picnic Social and caught some rays because it was a beautiful day! He made sure to stay away from the ferocious ducks though because they were mean buggers.

Calvin got to meet my best friend from back home over Skype and showed her his sweet moves, and she was very impressed. She told Calvin she was digging his kool-aid but he had to let her down because he said the long distance thing would never work out.

I had an AMAZING week with Calvin and I will miss him!


+ + +

It was fun being super busy with Bethany. Ducks really scare me though. They might be my one and only weakness!!


I was so happy to get Calvin this week! I didn't expect it at all! Unfortunately I missed the general meeting =( (I had to go to some stupid other meeting =P)

but Calvin and I met at the Spirit and Social Committee "meeting" (party!) even though Andrea kicked him because he wouldn't walk fast enough and then Darrell caused him to lose his batteries, I think he had a good time at the meeting. (he didn't talk much though.)

Saturday, Calvin came with me to the Eggster workday and had so much fun packing egg after egg with candy after candy and never got tired of it! Honestly, he just kinda sat there most of the time and didn't help much. I think he did his best though.

Sunday, we went to Nina's to bake cookies for soldiers. He was a good bear and didn't sneak any for himself. Then that night I took him to Coriya Hot Pot for Mimi's Newsletter Committee Dinner. The food was really good - I at a lot of meat and they even had fake oreos! Calvin waited patiently for his food but in the end I forgot to feed him! Oh well- for some reason I think he'll survive.

Anyway, Calvin told me he enjoyed the week and is looking forward to the next member of the week (he must be sick of me).


+ + +

How did you forget to feed me, Wesley?! It was like torture, just looking at all the meat at Coriya Hot Pot! Torture, I say!! I was drooling all over the place!!!

We did have fun, though. And I didn't get sick of you, man. Maybe a little cranky though. Next time, you take me to Coriya Hot Pot, and you feed me, alright?! Hehe, just kidding.


Although I was kind of disappointed that I didn't become an appointed chair, I found out that I got to have Calvin for not only one... but TWO weeks... Calvin definitely made me feel better :)

I got to take Calvin home with me to BEAUTIFUL San Diego!! I introduced him to a few of my friends who all thought his growl was so cute... although my friend's cat did not seem to think so... haha.

He came with us to get the BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER.. it's a pity that bears don't really eat mexican food. Later in the week, I debated whether or not to bring him to the beach.. He told me that he wasn't a very big fan of the sand, so he hung out with Mumbie from Happy Feet in my room instead!

After an AMAZING week in San Diego, it was time to make a journey to Woodland Hills, CA for the annual DISTRICT CONVENTION!! Calvin for sure enjoyed a whole weekend of cheering, bonding, workshops, & receiving awards.. It was a very awesome but tiring weekend..

Calvin has been resting ever since.. waiting for his new care taker. Please take good care of him!

Much love,

+ + +

Thanks again, Karen, for showing me around in San Diego! I love Berkeley, but I do love travelling, hehe.


I was honored to have Calvin stay with me- unfortunately, the horrible weather and onslaught of midterms, I was unable to go out and have fun with him.

I do believe that he had an awesome time sitting on top of my TV, watching the rain outside, and kickin' it with my roommate's stuffed animals.


+ + +

I hope Joe's free of midterms and stuff soon! We need to have more fun together.


Wow I can't believe I had Calvin for a week! Time flies for sure! Well, when I got Calvin last week I was honored and totally not expecting his company.

He ended up accompanying my roommate + I to each pho noodles. Who knew bears liked vietnamese noodles so much? Anyway I ended up leaving Calvin behind during this weeks crazy projects like Ace of Cakes because he probably would have eaten all the cake & would have been thrown out for being disruptive-- what a wild child!

He did help me practice some sweet moves for the DCON hip hop dance. He kept trying to tell me to watch webcasts for Statistics but we inevitably ended up watching Koraen dramas instead. The next person should tell Calvin to go on a diet. JK. He's awesome.


+ + +

Vietnamese noodles aren't the only kind of food I like! I love all kinds of different food. I'm very cultured, see.


Aww.... I don't want to give Calvin back, we had so much fun together =D. It was great to have him by my side this whole week, though it was raining practically all day.

This week we went to everything together. I took him to R.O.C.K., Ace of Cakes work day, Talent Show practices, Hands on Science planning meeting, committee meetings, it was awesome. I had to keep Calvin in my bag all weekend because of the horrible weather, but he loved every minute of it, maybe because I had so much food in my bag. haha, he is awesome.

Oh and during the Talent Show Rehearsal he got to see everyone's awesome sexy Britney Spears moves and he secretly told me he wanted to dance just like that during DCON.

The best thing we did together was go shopping =D. I have never met another guy who would have stayed that long with me!! He even tried on some rocker shades =D. Well I hope whoever has him next will treat him uber uber well.



I was so honored to get to spend a whole week with Calvin. He came to me so unexpectedly! At first i was worried b/c his passport expired last yaer, but all he had to do was look at the authorities with those piercing black eyes & they just let him through without 2nd thought.

I asked him to teach me, but I just couldn't quite get it. Poor Calvin had to watch me do homework all week; he just chuckled while he watched me struggle w/o-chem.

I wanted to bring him to the Muir Woods Earth Day Celebration but i didn't want him to get his paws dirty. He didn't get to go to the social later that night either, because I didn't want to watch the horror movie. Calvin called me chicken. I gave him a shell belt in apology.

On Sunday though, Calvin got to watch us bake cookies for soldiers at war AND he watched us make pages of our awesome castle scrapbook! I'm going to miss Calvin so much.



I had a lot of fun with Calvin. It was a long-- time that I spent with him...

I made him a classy top hat for formal occasions and planned to make a bow tie but I never got around to make it for him. I envisioned a whole outfit closet for him but I am not too good with fabric so I slowly lost interest... ha ha ha...

We spent Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Years together. Since I stayed in Berkeley the WHOLE time, it was good to have Calvin sitting on our apartment's dark blue couch keeping me company. Also, he guided me to have a good start for the new semester! Thanks Calvin for keeping me company and ending + starting semesters together.
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