Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that my week with Calvin is already OVER. :( I've done so many incredbly fun things and had the most awesome experiences with Calvin the Bear this week. I don't know where to ever begin... I suppose chronological order would be the best way to explain my week. :D

Tuesday 11/10: I was so so so stoked to find out that I get to be member of the week!!! yayyy~ So that night, I went out to dinner with some of my friends, and of course I introduced Calvin to them (they thought he was the cutest thing ever) while we ate Korean food (Calvin has a surprisingly high tolerance for spicy food! :O) And then, since we had the day off for veteran's day on weds, my friends and I decided to go KAROKE!!! We sang our hearts out and then proceeded to our little slumber party at one of my friends' lounges. Calvin showed off his awesome singing + dancing skills. It was a spectacular night!

Wednesday 11/11: I was uber tired from not sleeping the night before, so today was a mellow day. Even though I promised Calvin I would be productive, I ended up being a couch potato and watched Korean dramas. What a waste of a good day off. Oh well! At least Calvin got to learn a few Korean words! :) He's going international, you know. [Calvin wrote some Korean here] ← He wrote that :D

Thursday 11/12: Today, Calvin helped me get through one of the most important events I had to attend this week → My CALSO individual interview! I was really really nervous, but Calvin said to take a deep breath, relax, and have fun. And w/his advice, I think I manged to do fairly well. OH! And Calvin also helped me get some more info about my assassin, since we are playing an intense game as of now. Watch out, target!

Friday 11/13: Despite today being Friday the 13th, I wasn't having a bad day at all. There was even a unit 1 dance, so my friends and I dressed up in pretty semi-formal attire and was about to have a great time until... MY ASSASSIN CAME & KILLED ME! :( I guess Friday the 13th did have its effects after all. I was really depressed that I got killed off during the 2nd day... But Calvin knew how to cheer me up! We sang Aladdin (the theme song) together. It was very relaxing.

Saturday 11/14: I went back home to Pleasanton, CA to see my family. I actually only live 30 minutes away, so Calvin didn't mind the travel. My family loved him. My mom even cooked for him some yummy Korean food and Calvin enjoyed spicy rice cake dish a lot :3 :D

Sunday 11/15: When I came back to Berkeley my friends and I wanted to go to SF Japantown. I wished I could have taken Calvin with me, but I was just too afraid that something might happen to him, so he stayed home and guarded my dorm. Later, I showed him everything I bought. He loved it all :)

Monday 11/16: It was back to school work as Calvin helped me practice my Japanese. Also, my friends and I began our own round of Assassins, so Calvin told me to redeem myself from Circle K assassins FAIL and helped me kill 2 targets in one night. Mwahaha- we also went to watch the Leonid meteor showers! Calvin was amazed, though he stayed in this bag → it was freezing cold!

Tuesday 11/17: It's already Tuesday and i'm so sad I have to let Calvin go. I had so much fun this week and I will never ever forget these precious moments I got to spend with him. General meeting is about to start in half an hour so I must tear myeslf away from this passport. I really do hope that the next Circle K'er who gets to take Calvin really treats him well. He needs ALL of your love & smiles & cheering. :) Thank you UCBCKI for letting me make incredible memories with the mots incredible bear, friend, brother ever. CALVIN I'm going to miss you :(


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