Kenneth Lee was member of the year, and month haha so for those of you wondering about the previous entry =) It was fun hanging out with Calvin again!! =)


It took me 3 years to get member of the week.
1400+ service hours
1300+ other hours
- Kenneth Lee


So...when I first brought Calvin home my other stuffed animal (I had since 7th grade) Cinn

amon roll got really jealous. My cell phone holder turtle (which I won at at a second try in a claw game)

was actually happy to have anew friend

. Yah!! We took some awesome pictures together the first night I got Calvin. It was a pretty busy week actually. I had two papers and one midterm due on Thursday. I worked so hard on the paper that I had n time for my math midterm.

But Calvin said I needed to sleep rather than study the night before so I listened to his advice. And yah! It worked. The midterm was easy and if I had studied it would have been a waste of time. Yah! Thank you Calvin. Sorry for having some doubt Calvin! Calvin was giving me encouragements during the midterm but I told him to quiet down so that the GSI wouldn't think that I was cheating. Sorry Calvin, I appreciate the effort but I don't want to get kicked out of school!

Calvin kept complaining that he misses Circle K. So sorry Calvin...Nittaso busy with PCN =( I brought Calvin to my jazz practice at lowersproul (8-10pm). He was dancing his butt off. LOL! Calvin can do some legitforekicks! Woo Hoo! I also brought Calvin to my PCN All-Cast on Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm. He helped critique some of my dance movies and cheered for me when I was onstage.Yah! A very fun and tiring weekend. I also go a sunburn Sunday. =(

Calvin gave me the I-told-you so look. Well, can't help it! I was in a hurry and I didn't know it was going to be that sunny! Urgh! OK! Fine! You're always right Calvin.Calvin also liked the fan-dance practice on Monday. It was till really late though so Calvin fell asleep in the bag (6pm-10pm). I'm going tomiss you so much Calvin. Thank you so much for supporting me through my whole week.

-Nitta Pattarachanyalkul


We went to DCON! <3

Epic Weekend with awesome people. Calvin lost his voice/roar!

-Hanna Huynh


Yay! I was so surprised and really happy that I got Calvin! Really made my day (and week!) Right after the general meeting, we went on a CHIPOTLE run! Having Calvin as my eating buddy along with a spectacular buy-one-get-one free deal is amazing! Calvin even volunteered to accompany me to my other meetings (yay for interclub relations!)
where I introduced Calvin to my other friends and he helped come up with spectacular ideas…and even helped bake a cake! Walking back with him made me feel a lot safer even late at night through Berkeley! Unfortunately, I had a lot of midterms…but Calvin is a really good study buddy! I’m usually a HUGE procrastinator, but he just growled at me (pretty scary if you ask me) until I started and surprisingly I got a lot accomplished!

Calvin also accompanied me to my last Single Service and Public Relations meeting… kind of nostalgic and sad, but we toughened up! Did you know Calvin was athletic?! I didn’t! But all week he pushed me outside to play tennis or even to the RSF for kickboxing classes and a small weight-room workout! He took to them so well…and for my first time…well let’s just say Calvin was a bit of my inspiration! But I guess we worked a little too hard because it was IMPOSSIBLE to wake him up for Friends of Five Creeks…so I let him sleep in. Probably one of the few he gets for being the Circle K Bear! I had so much fun with Calvin this week! Too bad it was only a week. Calvin, you inspire me!! :D

- Tim Truong


Calvin and I had such a great week together, even though I had midterms. At the general meeting, Calvin congratulated me for chairing my first project, Start with a Story! 
On Wednesday, Calvin and I went to Newsletter and Single Service committee meetings. We couldn't go to any committee meetings Thursday though because I had a history midterm and Japanese test the next day. Calvin was a big help though I was studying all night. Before that, however, Calvin and I did some last minute shopping for Tahoe Social. That's right, Tahoe Social, only the biggest social of the year!! Calvin and I were so excited to go. After taking my exams on Friday, Calvin and I finished packing for Tahoe and sent in my chair application. Then we were off to Tahoe. Next time I don't think I'll let Calvin help pack though because we definitely overpacked lol!

Calvin and I were in Bethany's car with Sarah and Chris. We had a lot of fun talking to everyone and going to In and Out for the first time! We were amazed when we saw the huge house we were staying at. Later, we helped make a snowman and I told Calvin how much I missed the snow. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone at Tahoe. Our favorite part though was skiing at the resort. Calvin was a natural. Unfortunately, I was not that good. 
On Monday, Calvin and I celebrated doing well on my physics midterm. Then we went to Fundraising and Projects Committees. Calvin and I had such a great time together and I'm definitely going to miss him. Whoever is the next member of the week should take good care of him. <3

- Carly Wasserman


Ahhhh!!! So much fun with Calvin!!! However the first night wasn't that much fun because I had to study for my physics midterm :( Especially since I couldn't focus after all the excitement at elections! Congrats again to board! The next day, which was Wednesday, I took Calvin to all of my classes and now I think he despises Pimentel which is where I had my chem lecture and my awful physics midterm. 
Then once the midterm was over, I got to show Calvin the amazing wonders of... LATE NIGHT! *haha almost forgot the "h"* We got to see some fellow Circle K-ers and now have a new inside joke. If you were a potato, how would you be cooked? :) Then Thursday, which means lab. We finished up the lab where we got to smell chemicals that were fruity. 

Later that day, I took Calvin to the Spirit and Social meeting. Calvin had a bunch of good ideas for spirit items at DCON. Can't wait! Then dance practice for DCON. Calvin has some serious moves! Then Friday!!! After a round of classes, we were off to the interfamily social at the Westfield Mall in SF.
We had lots of fun dressing up as Lady Gaga and for prom. After the social, we had a How I Met Your Mother marathon, which was awesome.

Then Saturday when it was time to study again, this time for my math midterm on Monday. We took a break and went to the DCON talent act recording and single service work day. It was cool seeing everything coming together. Then off to Ace of Cakes. So many awesome cakes! Then on Sunday we went to Keeping Healthy, Keeping Happy. We played line tag which was ridiculously fun. Later Calvin got to meet my family at dinner at Thai Noodle II. Then Monday and the other awful midterm. grr! as Calvin would say. Then off to the Fundraising meeting. Calvin is just loads of fun and I'm going to miss him lots! 

Grace Go

Joo Hee

 I had an AMAZING time getting to know Calvin this week! =)
Unfortunately, it was extremely rainy this week so little cub Calvin had to stay home for several days! However, we did manage to overcome the horrible rainstorm and made it to the Hands-On-Science Planning Day last Friday! 
Calvin was super excited about all the cafeteria-stations projects we planned, but he especially loved the idea of "ice-cream making" station! He got so excited that he jumped up and down, demanding we make his favorite chocolate-flavored ice cream that day :)
Unfortunately, he got a little wet that day (the rain and the wind!) and caught a cold so could not accompany me to the DCON Swing Dance Practice, Scrapbook Workday, and Basketball Concessions the next day, but I did update him as soon as I got back!!!

Calvin congratulated me for chairing my first project!!! =P

Then on Tuesday, before the General Meeting, Calvin watched the newest episode of House (Season 7, Episode 15) with me! We had an awesome time and Calvin thought House and Cuddy were the cutest couple in the world! 

    I had a WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC time with Calvin and I'm going to miss him A LOT!

<3 Take good care of him!!

Joo Hee Park


I had an awesome time getting to meet Calvin this week! He came with me to turn in my application for Econ major, and gave me pointers on playing piano. Then he came with me to NEW MEMBER MIXER and we got to meet a lot of new people! I am going to miss Calvin a lot! 

- Henry


Omg... Calvin was so much fun this week! 
Right after the first meeting of the month, we danced the night away playing Just Dance at the game night! We spent the next few days keeping it low key and relaxing. But on Thursday, we went to committee meetings, and then took an adventure to Wal-Mart with JC, Diana, and Peter to get supplies for DLSSP!

    The next day we went to the Leadership Forum and got tons of info on how to be a leader in Circle K! Then a momentous event happened. I let Flo take care of Calvin for the night since she never was allowed to have him. She was officially Member of the Night. After a fun night with Flo, Calvin rested up for DLSSP! Day of DLSSP was so much fun! We played with tons of District members and kids at the AIDS Housing Alliance House. It was a great day! I am super excited to see who Calvin gets to hang out with next. 
I will miss you Calvin!

<3 Jeffrey Church
P.S.: Here are some pictures with Calvin!


Wow, this has been a great time with Calvin AGAIN!!!
I am so glad that I was able to hang out with Calvin the entire break, and so the adventure begins...
    Calvin and I were like peanut butter and jelly this time around as I took Calvin as many places as possible since the end of Thanksgiving Break.
Calvin was a huge encouragement during dead week. We decided to utilize our time extremely well by going to events like study-a-thon. Then Calvin though it would be good to de-stress before finals by going to Final Chill Night.

Enter the happiest time of the year, CHRISTMAS!! We started out the holiday season by spreading holiday cheer in the form of Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping. By the end of our many shifts, we became pro at wrapping, so much, that I bet Santa would start giving us calls to manage gift wrapping at his workshop.

One interesting side note, on our way to Barnes and Noble, I believe we ran into Calvin's long lost cousin Melvin. He lives in Emeryville and let's just say that he is a little stocky.

Now it was time for a Christmas adventure back at my hometown, which means a Hollywood Christmas Adventure is upon us. Calvin loved being in Hollywood, and I couldn't stop him from trying to get the autographs of various celebrities (he even almost pounced on Justin Timberlake at a celebrity basketball game).

Back at home the family loved him. He cooked many dishes with my mother (from wonton soup, to beef curry). My little sister, an aspiring veterinarian, even decided to give Calvin a check-up. Let's just say he was a little dirty (and I had the steamer to take care of that. 

After Christmas, it was time to GO WEST!!! Calvin had a fun time getting to meet with other CKI'ers all across the district during our interclubbing adventures. Calvin even met his counterpart at UCLA (TurKey - the Turtle Monkey hybrid).
Speaking of Interclubs, we both participated in the UCLA Pillow Fight where we were a part of a team led by Pikachu and Calvin dubbed "The Yellow Pikachus." Calvin and Pikachu were a formidable duo and no one should ever mess with them in a Pokemon Battle (The Roar-Thunderbolt combo attack is pretty impressive).

After the Hollywood adventure was over, it was time to head back home to Berkeley... This adventure was so much better than the last time (Calvin didn't even beat me up in the sparring match this time). I am a little sad that we can't hang out this close anymore, but I am happy that Calvin will now have the chance to meet many new members and have many new adventure with so many amazing people. Until next time Calvin. May you have the best 2011 ever!!!

Live Strong

John M. Moore III

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