Calvin and I had such a great week together, even though I had midterms. At the general meeting, Calvin congratulated me for chairing my first project, Start with a Story! 
On Wednesday, Calvin and I went to Newsletter and Single Service committee meetings. We couldn't go to any committee meetings Thursday though because I had a history midterm and Japanese test the next day. Calvin was a big help though I was studying all night. Before that, however, Calvin and I did some last minute shopping for Tahoe Social. That's right, Tahoe Social, only the biggest social of the year!! Calvin and I were so excited to go. After taking my exams on Friday, Calvin and I finished packing for Tahoe and sent in my chair application. Then we were off to Tahoe. Next time I don't think I'll let Calvin help pack though because we definitely overpacked lol!

Calvin and I were in Bethany's car with Sarah and Chris. We had a lot of fun talking to everyone and going to In and Out for the first time! We were amazed when we saw the huge house we were staying at. Later, we helped make a snowman and I told Calvin how much I missed the snow. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone at Tahoe. Our favorite part though was skiing at the resort. Calvin was a natural. Unfortunately, I was not that good. 
On Monday, Calvin and I celebrated doing well on my physics midterm. Then we went to Fundraising and Projects Committees. Calvin and I had such a great time together and I'm definitely going to miss him. Whoever is the next member of the week should take good care of him. <3

- Carly Wasserman

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