funny story. Given that this is my second time receiving Calvin, I'm sure he knew the kind of stuff I did throughout the week. Last time I had him, I took him home to So-Cal. What's funny is that I went home this week too!

This time, though, Calvin didn't want to miss out on the stuff going on here. So, while I went home to celebrate my mom's birthday, he played my understudy here at Berkeley. He took my bed, my desk, and now Monica and Darrell think he's (or she... I read the passport and was like “Whaaaat”) the coolest roommate. I gotta step it up... sigh. But Calvin's awesome-- I wouldn't blame him :)



BAHHhhHhhhhhHhhHHhHhhhhhh T_____T

So basically, I'm pretty legitly depressed to part ways with Calvin because our week together was straight-up, AMAZING. We did soo many things together, like going to classes, eating dinner at the CKCDC, and even got intimate enough to sleep in the same bed! :O I mean, come on, you don't meet a bear that will willingly sleep in the same bed as you every day ;)

I introduced Calvin to practically anyone I could get a hold of – from my family back in Torrance, CA to my best friend up in Chicago. People ewre really really excited to meet Calvin, and Calvin was definitely having a blast making lots and lots of new friends too!

The biggest event Calvin and I attended this week was CKI North. It was definitely worth the early wake for the both of us because we had lots of fun jump roping, skinning the snake, human-pyramiding, mingling with fellow circle K'ers, & much more! Calvin was fired up that day, and growled on his kickbutt UCBCKI teams, the Tri-creeps, something-Flower Anaugers (lol sorry, can't remember name),the Blue Baracudas, and best of all the succulent sea cucumbers!

Thanks to Calvin's (and many other Circle K'ers) constant support, the SSC placed 2nd as a whole & 1st in the Pirates division! Woooo <3>

I really hope Calvin had as much fun as I had w/ him this week, and I will miss him very very much :( I hope he can bring lots of smiles to the next Calvin owner just like he did for me, and keep spreading the Circle K love :)

Thanku Calvin for a wonderful time, and thanku circle k for a wonderful opportunity. OMG I'm gona stop writing before I get even more sentimental about this LOL



Honestly, I forgot to bring Calvin to the Cal vs. USC game :( but maybe it was for the better (bless his virgin eyes, 3-30? COME ON!) I was also going to paint him her* (thanks Brian) purple (shoutout to Purple Pandemonium Woot Woot!) but I didn't think people would appreciate his new color :( as our family would.

Calvin's a great bear. After rigorous psychoanalysis and hours of unblinkingly long nights, I have concluded that Calvin, just might be... alive (the very thought troubles me so!)

BTW Calvin pooped out two fat pieces of batteries (props to whoever can get those back in). I don't know what he's eating, but 1800-Jenny-Craig much?

Anyways, one week just isn't enough for the bundle of furry excitement that Calvin truly is... Hope the next member of the week will take good care of him!

-Eric :)

PS: Calvin tried to eat me.

+ + +

WE LOST 3-30?!!!

...I mean... It was fun being with you, Eric! And honestly I wouldn't've minded the purple, hehe. It's a nice color, I think (although I'm kind of more fond of blue and gold. I guess I'm biased).

and of course I'm alive!! dead things don't poop, you know. wait, or do they?

h- hey, I wasn't trying to eat you, I swear!! I was just smiling, okay. really!

Oh and who's Jenny Craig? Is she cute?
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