Kenneth Lee was member of the year, and month haha so for those of you wondering about the previous entry =) It was fun hanging out with Calvin again!! =)


It took me 3 years to get member of the week.
1400+ service hours
1300+ other hours
- Kenneth Lee


So...when I first brought Calvin home my other stuffed animal (I had since 7th grade) Cinn

amon roll got really jealous. My cell phone holder turtle (which I won at at a second try in a claw game)

was actually happy to have anew friend

. Yah!! We took some awesome pictures together the first night I got Calvin. It was a pretty busy week actually. I had two papers and one midterm due on Thursday. I worked so hard on the paper that I had n time for my math midterm.

But Calvin said I needed to sleep rather than study the night before so I listened to his advice. And yah! It worked. The midterm was easy and if I had studied it would have been a waste of time. Yah! Thank you Calvin. Sorry for having some doubt Calvin! Calvin was giving me encouragements during the midterm but I told him to quiet down so that the GSI wouldn't think that I was cheating. Sorry Calvin, I appreciate the effort but I don't want to get kicked out of school!

Calvin kept complaining that he misses Circle K. So sorry Calvin...Nittaso busy with PCN =( I brought Calvin to my jazz practice at lowersproul (8-10pm). He was dancing his butt off. LOL! Calvin can do some legitforekicks! Woo Hoo! I also brought Calvin to my PCN All-Cast on Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm. He helped critique some of my dance movies and cheered for me when I was onstage.Yah! A very fun and tiring weekend. I also go a sunburn Sunday. =(

Calvin gave me the I-told-you so look. Well, can't help it! I was in a hurry and I didn't know it was going to be that sunny! Urgh! OK! Fine! You're always right Calvin.Calvin also liked the fan-dance practice on Monday. It was till really late though so Calvin fell asleep in the bag (6pm-10pm). I'm going tomiss you so much Calvin. Thank you so much for supporting me through my whole week.

-Nitta Pattarachanyalkul

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