Calvin had a busy week. He went to key to college on Thursday at Ecinal High School. Joe drove us, + Calvin was afraid of his driving. He didn't stop fully at stop signs, which scared Calvin and made him cover his eyes.

On Friday, he went to LeConte elemntary school where many kids petted + cuddled him. It made him (feel) really special. One kid even thought he was real. That made him giggle.

Pia went to K-crew on Sunday, but forgot to bring Calvin. He was sad at first, but he made friends with Pia's stuffed hello kitty =)

-Pia <3

+ + +

Someday, when I'm really good, I'll become a real bear!!


This week, Calvin got really comfy with Manuel Jr, the tanned Build-A-Bear on my bed. He went with me to CKI North, but had to stay in Thomas' car becaues I thought he might get bear-napped. After that, he went to Johnny Rockets, where he watched a spanish movie starring Adam Sandler. Before going home, we stopped by old navy where I dropped poor Calvin on his head. I'm sorry!

-Darcy =)

+ + +

Wait! Why don't I remember this dropping incident?!


Whee! Calvin had so much to do this past week. It began right away, after the Circle K meeting. First, there was the academics, studying Legal Reasoning for a midterm on Thursday. (I'm still uncertain as to whether some boys fascination with him is healthy.) Then we went to the Volleyball game which was exciting albeit short.

Over the weekend, Calvin attended Scary Movie Night and mediated Cranium afterwards. He also helped me use the sewing machine at Linda's place as we made a quilt for a children's hospital. It's no surprise that after all this he was so tired that he slept during the BBQ DCM on Sunday.

Studies and picnic

Poor Calvin had to pt up with me all week while I was sick and studying for TWO midterms. But that's okay. Nothing could stand between me and Calvin and having some fun! Calvin and I had a picnic on Memorial Glade this Saturday with all the food we pawed from the Homecoming activities and got a little tan from staying under the sun too long. He also got to visit my family in Walnut Creek and cheered with everyone up in my apartment. I don't know what we'll do without Calvin now but I guess we'll survive. *sniff*

+ + +

So much studying!! I'm really happy I'm a bear. I'm more brawns-over-brains sort of species.


Calvin got really bored this past week because bad Virginia had to study her mid-terms. Well, at least Calvin likes to learn and he thinks about applying more physics theory to our community service projects. Calvin basically stayed on Virginia's bed w/her husband the whole week. Two guys + one bed = poor Calvin.

But, Calvin got introduced to Virginia's best friend who came from Vegas! And Calvin did a great job of comforting Virginia after her best friend left. Calvin's thought of the week: "emm, too much studying, we should concentrate on community service projects more!"

-Virginia Liu

+ + +

Physics is really hard!!
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