For the most part Calvin stayed in my room for the past 2 weeks. As did I because of finals. He helped to keep me up by roaring at me. It wasn't so bad for Calvin considering the accomodations he had. when he wasn't watching me he was watching the TV.

Man does he have a thing for animal planet. He stayed warm by staying inside. He slept a lot too even through my roommates snoaring. And I thought I was a heavy sleeper. HE's a BEAST. You know what I mean.

I introduced him to my roommate and some floormates. They seemed to like him but couldn't stay long because they had to leave for finals studying.

I had finals till the 19th so I just let Calvin do his thing most of the time. He did what bears do best. Eat, drink, and sleep. I resented him for that. Why can't we all live like that? When I picked my luggage he almost succeeded in hiding. I guess he wanted to go to SoCal that bad.


+ + +

Every manly bear likes animal planet!


Oh my what a week has it been. Calvin surprised me by coming to live with me for a week, but it made me happy. When Calvin came to my room, he instantly made himself comfy by my computer My roommate was a bit scared by a bear living with us, but he soon realized how friendly Calvin is, due to his fellowship.

Sadly, Calvin and I couldn't get our weekly dose of Circle K due to finals and projects. It was Calvin who reminded me of the chemical formula for Titanium oxide, helped me determine how to destroy an asteroid in my engineering project, and helped me think of the disadvantages of social realism. If it wasn't for Calvin I don't know how I would've survived.

On Sunday, Calvin and I spent quality time with my brother at the SF Auto Show. After walking around the whole show for the entire day, I think Calvin got interested in buying himself a bear mobile. I promised him if he's good, he might get one. Calvin and I had fun this week, even though we couldn't go to any Circle K events. Now I pass him onto the new owner.


+ + +

If batman has a batmobile, I should have a bear mobile! It's only logical
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