Unfortunately, many of the Circle K events this week were way too dangerous for cub Calvin. However, he did attend the Single Service (where he saw beautiful minds hustle to get donations) and the fundraising committee meetings (where he endured the longest icebreaker of his life).

For the rest of the week, Calvin stayed cozy while his papa-for-the-week got some much needed service out of the way. Back at Bowles castle, I spent some meaningful time showing calvin how to mix the best homemade Arnold Palners and how to wriet a rhetoric paper (or how not to).

Calvin, in return, told me not to eat too much from DC before growling or else a nasty surprise will be waiting at the "back door."



Diane and Mr.Calvin had tons of fun at the Fenton Ice Cream Social. Watching Alex gobble down 3 pounds of ice cream in 1.58 minutes. It was an exceptional experience.

On Saturday (20th), I took Mr.Calvin back to nature at the Creek to Bay event. I felt bad for Calvin because I left him in the car. Poor Calvin! 

Well, that's about it. Calvin & I had Tons of fun. Hope Mr.Calvin will enjoy his next big adventure!!

-Love, Diane


Although the time I got to spend with Calvin was short-lived, it was great! Calvin got to meet my friend Tiffany over the weekend while we watched a chick flick at my place.

We enjoyed watching him tread across my desk. Calvin also kept me company while I studied for anatomy, although I think he was a bit scared of all those pictures of skeletons. I told him, "fear not, Calvin - you will always have Circle K members by your side."

Even though I will miss Calvin, I have a feeling we will hang out soon.

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