For the most part Calvin stayed in my room for the past 2 weeks. As did I because of finals. He helped to keep me up by roaring at me. It wasn't so bad for Calvin considering the accomodations he had. when he wasn't watching me he was watching the TV.

Man does he have a thing for animal planet. He stayed warm by staying inside. He slept a lot too even through my roommates snoaring. And I thought I was a heavy sleeper. HE's a BEAST. You know what I mean.

I introduced him to my roommate and some floormates. They seemed to like him but couldn't stay long because they had to leave for finals studying.

I had finals till the 19th so I just let Calvin do his thing most of the time. He did what bears do best. Eat, drink, and sleep. I resented him for that. Why can't we all live like that? When I picked my luggage he almost succeeded in hiding. I guess he wanted to go to SoCal that bad.


+ + +

Every manly bear likes animal planet!


Oh my what a week has it been. Calvin surprised me by coming to live with me for a week, but it made me happy. When Calvin came to my room, he instantly made himself comfy by my computer My roommate was a bit scared by a bear living with us, but he soon realized how friendly Calvin is, due to his fellowship.

Sadly, Calvin and I couldn't get our weekly dose of Circle K due to finals and projects. It was Calvin who reminded me of the chemical formula for Titanium oxide, helped me determine how to destroy an asteroid in my engineering project, and helped me think of the disadvantages of social realism. If it wasn't for Calvin I don't know how I would've survived.

On Sunday, Calvin and I spent quality time with my brother at the SF Auto Show. After walking around the whole show for the entire day, I think Calvin got interested in buying himself a bear mobile. I promised him if he's good, he might get one. Calvin and I had fun this week, even though we couldn't go to any Circle K events. Now I pass him onto the new owner.


+ + +

If batman has a batmobile, I should have a bear mobile! It's only logical


Sad to say, the first week Calvin was with me, I was busy with midterms, so Calvin sat by my desk and made sure I studied. He went with me to the Fundraiser Committee, but wasn't able to make it to Adopt-A-Creek. It may have been for the best, since Thuget the plant-killer might have stepped on him. :(

Thanskgiving aws fun. Calvin got to sample some great cooking and I think he may have even gained a couple of pounds. At least he can walk it off easily!

These past two weeks with Calvin have been a blast! And if anyone needs help with quantum physics, ask Calvin. I never knew bears were interested in physics. :P


+ + +

Well my love for physics started with Virginia, I think. Looking at her study it made me want to learn it more so I've been thinking about quarks every night. I was really happy to see that Keiko was studying physics!


Me and Calvin

Tues - Cal dining no likey..., practice our QQ poses!
Weds - tutoring @ Longfellow!!! Went up to the Campanille!
animal orientation -> Calvin vs. Mr.Whiskers.
small group -> attention hog...
Thurs - left to SoCal w/Ashley + Meel. Calvin kept me awake and we sang all night.
The whole drive I mean.
Then Calvin was there for emotional support.
Fri - Calvin went with me to get my passport @ Japanese embassy.
Ate ramen with me + parents.
Went to take my car in... $317... expensive. Calvin helped pay.
Went to Rowland and me + Calvin got the new OS for mac.
Then went to UCLA to pick up a friend and didn't get home until 2:00am.
Sat - went to support my lil bro @ his tournament and Calvin roared and my brother won.
Ate w/family and Calvin and spent family time together.
Sun - drove back to SoCal, and me and Calvin raced on the streets and won.
Mon - we went to Oakland and had dimsum.
Tues - worked at the booth and calvin once again got all the attention

Calvin is someone who is just amazing and will change your life in one week if you let him!

-Vijay Suzuki


Although Calvin and I were pretty bummed about missing out on the Circle K events this pass weekend (Children's Festival, Key to College), we were both excited to be going to my home in SoCal!!! We arrived by flight on friday evening and intended to stay till Sunday evening. The first few hours of our trip were a bit bumpy because Calvin got examined by airport security... yeah... he didn't want to talk about it... When I arrived home, Calvin was an automatic hit with my family and friends... especially my dog. I think they're like, bff now.

Anyway, on Saturday Calvin accompanied me at a birthday party, where we watched ratatouille, which I think had an impact on Calvin, because later that day I caught him in my kitchen. Anyway, later that night he and myself enjoyed the company of some of my high school friends, playing super smash bros. and singing kareoke.


Calvin's a bear of Berkeley

Calvin was still slightly traumatized after being bear-napped last week, so we ate some Asian snacks as soon as we got back to myd orm =) My dormmates loved him, of course, and were very happy that we hadn't a 4th roommate, especially one that didn't take up much room!

He had a really busy week this week and went to many places. We took BART together to Oakland for YES tutoring on Weds, attended the fundraising adn K-Family committee meetings on Thrusday where he was definitely the center of attention =) He also went shopping with me at wet seal to buy a "decades" outfit for my Jukebox choir concert on Friday. It took a while but Calvin and I were eventually able to find an excellent ensemble. Calvin has great fashion sense! Calvin also attended my Jukebox concert and loved all of the songs we sung. He's even thought about trying out for American Idol. Thoughts? =)

Anyways, we took BART again on Saturday, when I took him home with me to Sunnyvale, CA, about an hour away. My parents approved of Calvin. =) But he missed Berkeley a lot (Sunnyvale was too quiet for him), so we came back Sunday evening. Yesterday, he was my study buddy for my poli sci midterm. apparently, conperative politics is his thing! But now we have to part, and I'm sad =( I hope Calvin had fun, though!


My what a week Calvin has had! We have done so much that I felt I had to type in this log to fit it all on one page.

Alright, so on the night I took Calvin back to my dorm, I introduced him to my 3 roommates. They all seemed to welcome him quite nicely. It had not even been 5 minutes since Calvin's arrival that one of my roommates (Chris) had mentioned he had a bear of his own whom he wanted to introduce to Calvin. And, yes, it was a female bear (Oh la la, indeed). However, once my roommate started to describe hsi bear, Calvin was no longer thrilled at the thought of exploring a relationship with her. The one description the stuck out the most to me and Calvin was that she only had one ear. As endearing as that trait was, Calvin wasn't too wooed by it. Also, that night Calvin did his best to help me with my rhetoric paper, but Kantian philosophy was too much for him to handle. So he went to bed early.

The next day, Calvin accompanied me to the Single-Service meeting. There we worked together on posters to advertise the upcoming Children's Festival. Also, we stayed a little after for the PR meeting, where he saw his past two caretakers Kathleen and Tiffany. After, we headed back to Bowles to work on an ED1 project that was due the next day, which we worked on for a little bit and then I headed out to the RSF for a volleyball game. I came back around midnight and got back to work. Despite his valiant efforts to stay awake and help, Calvin could not. So, while he slept, I pulled an all-nighter. The next morning Calvin took pictures with my model, claiming that it aws his territory.

Throughout the week, Calvin and I were stoked about CKI NOrth and for our team (Team Frost). However, when Saturday came, my alarm clock didn't go off, and woke up around 9:30, which was long after the meeting at Barrows. After 15 minutes of calling and scrambling, we headed to the BART station to go to San Bruno where Gail and Darcy graciously picked us up. Calvin and i were bummed that we came late, but were happy that we were still able to compete for the last half. His presence as our mascot definitely helped our efforts to earn 3rd place (that and my awesome Rock-Paper-Scissors skills). After CKI North, we, along with other Circle K'ers went to the Kiwanis Oktoberfest. That sure was loads of fun. While the others and I served dinner, Calvin beared the drink ticket table. However, at the end of the event, we came to realize that Calvin had been stolen by our very OWN Berkeley Kiwanian: Virginia Carpenter. Luckily, with Joe's connections, we managed to get Calvin back safely. My waht a week Calvin had!

-Darrell Hawkins

+ + +

I feel like I should apologize to Chris's bear, but-- I can't help it! I like women with two ears!


On the night I was given Calvin, he and I went with Kathleen to Gypsy's for dinner. Calvin was getting a whole lot of attention and a stranger even said, "cute bear." He was very flattered. It was a nice comment. So Calvin helped me finish a gigantic meatball calzone. It took a while and a lot of stuffing, but it worked out quite well with the both of us.

Calvin joined in on a couple of committee meetings this week. We watched people do the "PR workshop" and made posters for the Cal Avenue booth. At the Kiwanis Family Committee, we ate some KFC. It was really tasty.

Calvin and I love our food!

He met a lot of furry friends and people on my floor. This is actually his second week in my dorm. The last week, he was with my roommate so we were both excited to have Calvin in our company for another week!

I hope he enjoyed his two-week story here in Spens-Black of Unit 3. Perhaps we'll meet again and have another dinner!

-Tiffany Nguyen


When Cheriz spotted me without Calvin at the tables on Wed., it was because Calvin was ill in my room... too many laxating makes those D batteries come out! JK. Calvin unfortunately didn't get to go to as many service projects as he wanted to. He let me vent to him whenever I was feeling frustrated with midterms (LOL). He did get some fresh air with the New Member Orientation Scavenger Hunt. Calvin had tons of fun being the top of our not-so-human pyramid, playing as a football, and even making some bear tracks of his own on campus.

He met some fun new friends and was definitely the best "6th man" in our Alto Cinco Group! I'll miss you and your growl, Calvin. =)

-Kathleen Wong

+ + +

Did you know a lot of people vent to me? I know a lot of secrets. Maybe I'll tell you some if you tell me a cool joke!


This weekend Calvin had to keep me company on my way home to Santa Rosa. The sweetie, he comforted me after saying bye to my friends heading off to UCSD. On Saturday I took him to dinner with my high school friends and he was an instant hit! They thought his little grow was so cute... Which made Calvin upset, he wanted to be a tough little bear.

Luckily he got to redeem himself later that night when his fierce growl scared away a creepy guy wearing a glow-in-the dark ski mask as he rode next to our car on his bike! It's good to know we're always safe when Calvin is around!


Banquet abduction

Calvin, like many of the bay area fans, was excited for the success of the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. In Thursday's game, Calvin and I screamed and roared with every basket Baron Davis made. Final score Dallas 86 Golden State!!! To celebrate we went to get ice scream. I was surprise to see Calvin, a small bear, eat so much Ice Scream.

The following day we got ready for banquet. As we were walking to Barrows, Calvin was getting more look from the ladies than I was. I was jealous.

During banquet an unexpected incident happened. I LOST CALVIN!!! Throughout banquet I searched for Calvin, but no one knew where he was. I felt bad. I'm SORRY CALVIN! At the end of banquet, the abductor from CKI Riverside came forward and returned Calvin.

I can't imagine the fear Calvin was in the hands of the abductor. I hope Calvin would forgive me.

+ + +

Nah, that's okay. UC Riverside treated me like I was king. I'm a pretty likeable bear, hehe.


Where should I begin? Calvin had a whirlwind week that began with an "Around the world" fundraising event and ended w/him sleepily lounging on my desk with his lazy smile adorning his furry brown face.

He also proved himself to be quite the Warriors fan as he sat by my side to watch the Warriors upset the Mavs 3-1. Things got a little rowdy, but Calvin handled my hoots and hollers with ease.

Calvin also made a rare appearance at UC Davis where he accompanied me at an amazing ribshack- a carnivore's dream. He made quick friends with my cousin's puppy Bailey and her cat Baby. You should have seen them all snuggled on the couch!

I hope Calvin had as great a time as I had with him. He is hands down my new favorite bear, sorry Oski.



Even though my relationship started on the wrong foot (Calvin fell off my lap when I sat back down during the K meeting) It progressively got better as the week went on. Tue. night Calvin met the rest of my family, including my sister who had gotten back from Disneyland.

On Wed. Calvin went to my early Italian class, unfortunately he fell asleep through all of it and learned no Italian. At the Spirit and social committee meeting, Calvin had fun cheering, even though the spanish teacher came into stop us. Then Calvin was stolen for 5 minutes by Sean, it was very frightening for Calvin since he did not know what Sean would do to him, but he returned him. After at study group Calvin showed off his Grrrs..., he also learned about Mass Spectroscopy, and then how to Lindy Hop!! On thurs. Calvin met the Trenza ladies, and modeled dresses for spring banquet.

Friday Calvin was there to comfort me, fortunately I did not need comforting since I got a good score on my ochem midterm. On Saturday Calvin enjoyed an eventful kids- b-day party, he hung out with the 7 year olds, since Calvin is only 2 years old and the 14 year olds were partying hard.

Love ya calvin!

Note to self?

What can I say except that it was. the most relaxing week of my life. I did absolutely nothing except sat there on his desk. It was nice to stay in one place. I used his computer to surf the net. There are some crazy things happening in the world lately, like Obama outfundraising Hillary.

When I was bored I search his computer for "viewing materials" but couldnt' find anything, that human must have deleted them before I came over. Oh well, I guess the good thing was that I finally put my imagination and creativity to good use. Well I can't wait to meet my next __!! Hopefully I get to see him before he __ but if not, then ___ with the rest of your life.



Calvin had SUCH an AMAZING time this past spring break! I took him to my optometry seminar and got his eyes examined. They are perfectly healthy for a minibear. =)

Then DDDCON!! ...sadly Fullerton stole him the 2nd day but I got reassurance he was treated well until the day Berkeley took him back (using brute force.) They love Calvin so much too.

The rest of the break, Calvin came with me, hanging out with my high school friends and even spent a night at a UCSD Circle K'er's house! Get ready to go back to school Calvin!



This past week Calvin really had an adventure!!! I took Calvin everywhere with me, especially to our annual Harvard Invitational for Ballroom Dancing! Calvin enjoyed comming to practices and cheered my partner Yasia & I before the trip. Thursday night we headed to the Oakland airport & took a 6 HOUR plane trip to Boston! It was soooo cold on the East coast, exactly 16 degrees when we arrived on Friday morning!

Saturday + Sunday was the Latin + Standard competition & Calvin really enjoyed all the talented dancers! He especially roared when I made it to the quarter + semifinals!!!

On Sunday night we packed up and had some authentic Boston clam chowder before we left. We got home @ 2am on Monday + slept all day!

-Josh Lomeli


Poor Calvin witnessed Nga's roommate fall over and pull down her curtains (Nga lives in the living room). Even though he was just an innocent bystander, he got knocked over too and didn't get turned upright until Nga came home. Besides that, he got to watch a lot of TV becasuse Nga didn't take him anywhere. Sorry Calvin!


+ + +

That's okay! Just take me along next time because I love service and everyone at Circle K!


Calvin proved himself to be an excellent study buddy in the Week of Many Midterms. He nailed all the problems at the modeling and graphics review, but his favorite part was roaring and dancing for stress relief.

Unfortunately, he couldn't enter the clean lab because they didn't have hair nets that would fit him. But Calvin said that was okay because he was a little nervous about all of the chemicals.



Calvin is the best coseller of CKI Valentine's Rose a girl like me could ask for =) And he helped me pick which of my 15 valentines would be #1. He met the WISE 06/07 girls and he shadowed me throughout my lectures. Calvin is so smart; he didn't have any problems with the material. Passerby on Sproul oh'd and ah'd at his gait and growl. I will miss him so!

-Kim Ngyuyen

+ + +

Kim is so nice to me. Everything she said is completely true though! I'm a lady's bear.
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