Calvin's a bear of Berkeley

Calvin was still slightly traumatized after being bear-napped last week, so we ate some Asian snacks as soon as we got back to myd orm =) My dormmates loved him, of course, and were very happy that we hadn't a 4th roommate, especially one that didn't take up much room!

He had a really busy week this week and went to many places. We took BART together to Oakland for YES tutoring on Weds, attended the fundraising adn K-Family committee meetings on Thrusday where he was definitely the center of attention =) He also went shopping with me at wet seal to buy a "decades" outfit for my Jukebox choir concert on Friday. It took a while but Calvin and I were eventually able to find an excellent ensemble. Calvin has great fashion sense! Calvin also attended my Jukebox concert and loved all of the songs we sung. He's even thought about trying out for American Idol. Thoughts? =)

Anyways, we took BART again on Saturday, when I took him home with me to Sunnyvale, CA, about an hour away. My parents approved of Calvin. =) But he missed Berkeley a lot (Sunnyvale was too quiet for him), so we came back Sunday evening. Yesterday, he was my study buddy for my poli sci midterm. apparently, conperative politics is his thing! But now we have to part, and I'm sad =( I hope Calvin had fun, though!

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