This last awesome thanksgiving weekend, Calvin and I had a fantastic time doing a lot of sleeping in and eating. Calvin said he wanted to practice hibernating in the winter.

Thanksgiving dinner at my house was nice, aside from Calvin growling at my mother... I talked to him about that already. But otherwise Calvin and I had a really chill thanksgiving break!

-Antonio 'the sexy' Wlassowsky


Calvin went with me to my friend's b-day party on Tuesday and he was the center of attention. Some of my friends made him scared because they wanted him to walk home by himself. The rest of the week, Calvin was bored because he had to watch me write papers- Calvin was sad that he couldn't go to the pie baking project, but it was for his own good. It was very messy and he would see sweet potatoes and black berries flying all over the place. I hope he had fun with me!

-Mariama Jalloh


On Wednesday Calvin helped raise 45 dollars in cotton candy and popcorn sales for Fall Banquet. Apparently, growling/walking motorized bears are great advertising tools. To celebrate, he decided to try new things and go bar-hopping in the Castro. Though he was welcomed by all, he decided community service was more his scene. Henry was fortunate enough to be the designated driver and took great care of Calvin.

On Thursday, Calvin went shopping in SF. He was a little frustrated that no retail stores catered to miniature bears. But OMG the scariest thing happened: he got lost in Banana Republic for 30 minutes... Fortunately Henry + Calvin were reunited and both never want to speak of the event again. On a happier note, Calvin went w/Anthony + Henry to their decal and made red ribbons for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Sad that Calvin couldn't go to Masquerade Ball, Henry decided to cheery him up and bring him to the Berkeley Project. Calvin met many new faces and felt better. Tired from working, Calvin and Henry decided to make it a blockbuster night and fall asleep on the living room couch.

On Sunday, Henry brought Calvin to his Filipino folk dance company's practice. There he gained a little culture listening to the sounds of the Philippine Islands. As usual, Calvin was pimp when it comes to the ladies of the compnay. He couldn't bear to watch (pun intended) Henry do a dance involving balancing, dancing, and hopping atop a structure of benches 6 feet high.

- Henry Lao


Calvin had a blast this weekend! He went to FTC with all his great friends in Circle K! First, he went to "Ice Breakers," then to the PTP pictionary, which was misleading... he's still bitter about there being no actual game of pictionary! =( Then he went to Hoopla! & got to learn everyone else's checks!

After that Calvin left me to visit EVERYONE else! But Saturday night he had a fantabulous time watching Jeff strut his stuff. But the best skit was Berkeley's. Calvin was never more proud in his life.


P.S. Calvin told me he forgave me 4 dropping him... 3 times! =)


Calvin had a busy week. He went to key to college on Thursday at Ecinal High School. Joe drove us, + Calvin was afraid of his driving. He didn't stop fully at stop signs, which scared Calvin and made him cover his eyes.

On Friday, he went to LeConte elemntary school where many kids petted + cuddled him. It made him (feel) really special. One kid even thought he was real. That made him giggle.

Pia went to K-crew on Sunday, but forgot to bring Calvin. He was sad at first, but he made friends with Pia's stuffed hello kitty =)

-Pia <3

+ + +

Someday, when I'm really good, I'll become a real bear!!


This week, Calvin got really comfy with Manuel Jr, the tanned Build-A-Bear on my bed. He went with me to CKI North, but had to stay in Thomas' car becaues I thought he might get bear-napped. After that, he went to Johnny Rockets, where he watched a spanish movie starring Adam Sandler. Before going home, we stopped by old navy where I dropped poor Calvin on his head. I'm sorry!

-Darcy =)

+ + +

Wait! Why don't I remember this dropping incident?!


Whee! Calvin had so much to do this past week. It began right away, after the Circle K meeting. First, there was the academics, studying Legal Reasoning for a midterm on Thursday. (I'm still uncertain as to whether some boys fascination with him is healthy.) Then we went to the Volleyball game which was exciting albeit short.

Over the weekend, Calvin attended Scary Movie Night and mediated Cranium afterwards. He also helped me use the sewing machine at Linda's place as we made a quilt for a children's hospital. It's no surprise that after all this he was so tired that he slept during the BBQ DCM on Sunday.

Studies and picnic

Poor Calvin had to pt up with me all week while I was sick and studying for TWO midterms. But that's okay. Nothing could stand between me and Calvin and having some fun! Calvin and I had a picnic on Memorial Glade this Saturday with all the food we pawed from the Homecoming activities and got a little tan from staying under the sun too long. He also got to visit my family in Walnut Creek and cheered with everyone up in my apartment. I don't know what we'll do without Calvin now but I guess we'll survive. *sniff*

+ + +

So much studying!! I'm really happy I'm a bear. I'm more brawns-over-brains sort of species.


Calvin got really bored this past week because bad Virginia had to study her mid-terms. Well, at least Calvin likes to learn and he thinks about applying more physics theory to our community service projects. Calvin basically stayed on Virginia's bed w/her husband the whole week. Two guys + one bed = poor Calvin.

But, Calvin got introduced to Virginia's best friend who came from Vegas! And Calvin did a great job of comforting Virginia after her best friend left. Calvin's thought of the week: "emm, too much studying, we should concentrate on community service projects more!"

-Virginia Liu

+ + +

Physics is really hard!!


Calvin accompanied me to a trance concert. At first he was a fraid of all the flashing lights and cowered in fear. But then he started to get his grove on and began his infamous wiggle/growl move. I didn't have the heart to wake him up early the next day to go to Adopt a Creek, but he assured me that he would visit the beautifully restored creek on one of his romps.

-Vicki Toy

Good Luck Charm

Calvin daydreamed about Circle K everyday in my room. He wanted to come out to the events, but the weather had changed so rapidly from cold to hot, I didn't want him to be sick!

But, on a perfect sunny day, the day Cal played Portland at the football field, I brought him there as I helped sell churros, pretzels, frozen lemonade, and ice cream. He was SO happy! So happy that he walked to me =). and took pictures with me. Everyone that saw Calvin loved him lots. =) Now I have to study for my chem midterm tomorrow. He's going to give me luck. =)

Alarm Clock

Calvin growled at me. I had fallen asleep again, and it was his self-proclaimed duty to keep me awake. Why couldn't he just let me sleep?! Man,... was he annoying... but I'll miss him. Who will keep me awake now?


Calvin's replacement didn't go home with me, but instead ran away with sam saying he would never do it with me.

But all I asked was for him to help me do my cs project.


UCI babysits

What a great weekend it's been! Calvin took another delay flight to So. Cal (lucky, it was delay... as I arrive to the airport @ 8:50pm for my 9pm flight)

Both of us had a great time in So. Cal as we were joined by other K clubs for their Spring Training Conference. There he met the IPP of UCI & UCR; it's a secret to what Calvin experience =P But the members of UCI decided to Bear sit Calvin for a week!

Calvin at STC South!!!
(Irvine is Bear-sittin' him for a week.)

+ + +

Irvine people are kind of weird. Some of them, at least.

I did have fun for the most part though!

Erika + UCI

Poor Calvin had to listen to Gustavo's horrible jokes today. Meanwhile, I laughed histerically because I need sleep. I think Calvin is sick because his growl is strange, but it's probably my imagination. I can't wait to see what's left in store for me and Calvin!

-Erika Nevarez (May's friend)

Calvin got raped by UCI. It is now impregnated with our seed. It will have 18 offspring of which 8 will survive and Calvin will eat the rest. That is all.

+ + +

I pretend this never happened.


Spring Break

During spring break, Calvin & I headed for the Sierra mountains. I think he enjoyed the mountain air. I tried to teach him how to snowboard, but only being able to wiggle his head and feet caused him a problem.

Too Sexy

His silken fur caressed my tear-dried cheek as we gazed at the night sky, glistening like the early morning dew on a sleeping black bear. The air was filled with the redolence of tender sprightliness and fond memories of the week gone by. Although I knew I would see young Calvin again, one thought wedged itself in the crux of my mind: Calvin, I wish I knew how to quit you.

+ + +

It's tough being this sexy.


After class, Calvin and I hopped on the first BART to Fremont. As soon as I saw McAfee Stadium, I poked Calvin to wake up + told him that we'd arrived. At the airport baggage claim, Calvin and I waited, and waited, adn waited. Finally, we saw 2 of my best friends walk out of the terminal, who had flown all the way from Las Vegas to Oakland just to visit me on their spring break. :]

-Cheriz Cajita


Calvin had to listen to the same song over and over again. (Just to let you know, my intentions were not to torture him.) You would think he would remember the words by now... It's the birthday song. He tried to join in with everybody else but all I got was quacking. And yes indeed, Calvin got to hang out with me on my birthday. :)

-Kathleen Nguyen '06

+ + +

I thought my quacking was rather elegant and beautiful, actually. I'm sure Kathleen did too, deep down.


Calvin and I were awe-inspired by the shimmering light of the Bay area night scene, all the while ascending into the air and having the air popped out of our ears.

Calvin also got to refresh his lungs with the natural smog-free air of wonderful Los Angeles, but he still missed Berkeley, so I brought him back here into the arms of Circle K.

-Jenny Su


As I was entering my pitch-black room one night, I saw nothing but the shadows that the dorms across from me casted. I was stepping over shoes and tripped on a backpack of some sort. Then I saw the beast glaring at me from my desk and I jumped back and let out a little scream. It turned out to be Calvin-- whom I mistaken to be a loose cat in my room just a minute before.

-Diep Ngyuyen


I was religiously carrying Calvin in my backpack. When I decided to check up on him, I was in for a surprise! Calvin had given birth to two beautiful & healthy "D" batteries!!!


+ + +

Oh man, that really did surprise me. I was pretty sure I'm the gender that's not supposed to do that. I think that really was a stork-bringing-the-baby sort of situation. I hope!
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