So Calvin and I got to spend lots of time together this past week. We went to Single Service, and fun comm, and Calvin helped to decide the notes for project and fundraising ideas. We went to the K-fam Thanksgiving dinner, where he got to eat a lot of good food and meet a lot of awesome KEY CLUB members. He also helped to count the money that contributed to Joe getting pie'd! Calvin really enjoyed that part.

On Saturday, Calvin unfortunately didn't get to go to the big game and watch Cal kick Stanford's A-S-S. But, of course, he was there in spirit. Calvin was the reason we won, for sure!

He then helped Rocky and I to cook chili-cheese fries for the Iron Knight social. Finally, we ended the week with yet another concession stands on Monday, where we ran away with 8 hotdogs and a pretzel! Yum. Calvin was pleased.

I only regret not taking Calvin for a walk on the treadmill. Goodbye Calvin!



The Adventures of Calvin and JC

Calvin and I were pretty much inseparable. I didn't want to leave him in my dorm just sitting there doing nothing, so I brought him everywhere I went, well except for the bathroom. I didn't want to put him through the torture of the horrid bathroom stench.

so, during the week we went to four committee meetings: Single Service, FUN COM, K-Fam, and Spirit and Social. On Friday we went to the last day of Circle K week where the focus was on health and safety. After that we went to Le Conte Elementary School for Hands on Science. We taught the children the science of music and sound.

Then on Saturday, we had a busy day filled with service projects. First, we went to the Friends of Sausal Creek Restoration service project, where Calvin and I got to visit nature at its best. After that, we went to San Francisco for the Green Festival. We got t-shirts, but Calvin couldn't get one because they didn't have a shirt his size.

Unfortunately, Calvin had to stay in my backpack because he could have gotten really dirty or even worse he could have gotten lost with all the garbage that we had to sort. Four hours of smelly, filthy, gruesome, stinky, vile, nasty, disgusting, putrid garbage sorting, but it was all worth it because we got lots of free stuff.

Calvin and I also made a music video, which he thought of all by himself. He's a genius. He was amazing in that video. Also, we took pictures (like this one) and we also had a blast listening to music. He loved the music I played. He especially liked listening to David Archuleta. His album came out on November 11, 2008 and Calvin couldn't wait to listen to it.

He danced to it, sang with it, and he even made his own song entitled "Calvin Oh Calvin the Bear." At night before we slept, we would talk until we fell asleep. Calvin is the best listener. Calvin always knew what to do to cheer me up. One hug from him and that was it, I would feel so much better.

For the next member of the week, I hope you handle Calvin with some TLC. Try not to leave him in your room because he loves going out, exploring the world, and meeting new people. Bye Calvin, until we meet again.



This week with Calvin has been so special! When we got home after the general meeting on Election Day, we got to hear the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, give his acceptance speech in Chicago... on TV I mean. Calvin was super excited that proposition 2 passed so that all his animal friends can have some "fun" outside of their cages. But he was sad that Prop 8 passed.

On Wednesday, we went to Single Service, Fundraising, and K-Fam committee meeting then he helped me study for my math midterm.

On Thursday we went to Circle Week workday and FTC workday. Calvin was really excited to go to Fall Training Conference again to see all his Cal-Ne-Ha friends. He had an awesome time at Linda's hip-hop workshop and watching the skits. He thinks Berkeley had the best one.

Fortunately, Calvin was not stolen this weekend. But after we got back he has been hibernating until the Circle K potluck social. 

I have so many memories with Calvin, it's hard to let him go but he will have fun with other members too. OH we have the same birthday too!



Give a whoot whoot for Calvin and Anhpha!

So Calvin's stay with me started off with Scary Movie Night! YAY! Calvin, being the courageous bear that he is, sat beside me and provided protection for everyone in the room. :)

I had a lovely walk home after Scary Movie Night with Calvin. He's been sitting on my desk this past week making sure I was on top of my studies. Calvin even kept me company after I came home soaking wet from the football game. Though i was cold from the rain, Calvin's presence made me feel all warm and fuzzy :D

I looked forward to sleeping every night with Calvin right there in my room. It will be very sad parting ways with Calvin, but he will undoubtedly bring joy to the next lucky member of the week.

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