This week with Calvin has been so special! When we got home after the general meeting on Election Day, we got to hear the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, give his acceptance speech in Chicago... on TV I mean. Calvin was super excited that proposition 2 passed so that all his animal friends can have some "fun" outside of their cages. But he was sad that Prop 8 passed.

On Wednesday, we went to Single Service, Fundraising, and K-Fam committee meeting then he helped me study for my math midterm.

On Thursday we went to Circle Week workday and FTC workday. Calvin was really excited to go to Fall Training Conference again to see all his Cal-Ne-Ha friends. He had an awesome time at Linda's hip-hop workshop and watching the skits. He thinks Berkeley had the best one.

Fortunately, Calvin was not stolen this weekend. But after we got back he has been hibernating until the Circle K potluck social. 

I have so many memories with Calvin, it's hard to let him go but he will have fun with other members too. OH we have the same birthday too!


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