Too Sexy

His silken fur caressed my tear-dried cheek as we gazed at the night sky, glistening like the early morning dew on a sleeping black bear. The air was filled with the redolence of tender sprightliness and fond memories of the week gone by. Although I knew I would see young Calvin again, one thought wedged itself in the crux of my mind: Calvin, I wish I knew how to quit you.

+ + +

It's tough being this sexy.


After class, Calvin and I hopped on the first BART to Fremont. As soon as I saw McAfee Stadium, I poked Calvin to wake up + told him that we'd arrived. At the airport baggage claim, Calvin and I waited, and waited, adn waited. Finally, we saw 2 of my best friends walk out of the terminal, who had flown all the way from Las Vegas to Oakland just to visit me on their spring break. :]

-Cheriz Cajita


Calvin had to listen to the same song over and over again. (Just to let you know, my intentions were not to torture him.) You would think he would remember the words by now... It's the birthday song. He tried to join in with everybody else but all I got was quacking. And yes indeed, Calvin got to hang out with me on my birthday. :)

-Kathleen Nguyen '06

+ + +

I thought my quacking was rather elegant and beautiful, actually. I'm sure Kathleen did too, deep down.
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