Calvin and I were awe-inspired by the shimmering light of the Bay area night scene, all the while ascending into the air and having the air popped out of our ears.

Calvin also got to refresh his lungs with the natural smog-free air of wonderful Los Angeles, but he still missed Berkeley, so I brought him back here into the arms of Circle K.

-Jenny Su


As I was entering my pitch-black room one night, I saw nothing but the shadows that the dorms across from me casted. I was stepping over shoes and tripped on a backpack of some sort. Then I saw the beast glaring at me from my desk and I jumped back and let out a little scream. It turned out to be Calvin-- whom I mistaken to be a loose cat in my room just a minute before.

-Diep Ngyuyen


I was religiously carrying Calvin in my backpack. When I decided to check up on him, I was in for a surprise! Calvin had given birth to two beautiful & healthy "D" batteries!!!


+ + +

Oh man, that really did surprise me. I was pretty sure I'm the gender that's not supposed to do that. I think that really was a stork-bringing-the-baby sort of situation. I hope!
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