Calvin accompanied me to a trance concert. At first he was a fraid of all the flashing lights and cowered in fear. But then he started to get his grove on and began his infamous wiggle/growl move. I didn't have the heart to wake him up early the next day to go to Adopt a Creek, but he assured me that he would visit the beautifully restored creek on one of his romps.

-Vicki Toy

Good Luck Charm

Calvin daydreamed about Circle K everyday in my room. He wanted to come out to the events, but the weather had changed so rapidly from cold to hot, I didn't want him to be sick!

But, on a perfect sunny day, the day Cal played Portland at the football field, I brought him there as I helped sell churros, pretzels, frozen lemonade, and ice cream. He was SO happy! So happy that he walked to me =). and took pictures with me. Everyone that saw Calvin loved him lots. =) Now I have to study for my chem midterm tomorrow. He's going to give me luck. =)
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