Calvin and I had a great experience this past week! He went to the Gold Rush Single Service project where he helped to teach the little kids and even made a few friends. He has a friendship bracelet to prove it!

Although, he growled at one little girl, and she slapped his nose for it, but they quickly made up. The next day he woke up bright and early to help make bag lunches for the homeless. Calvin didn't have a problem getting up, but I can't say the same for myself. I never realized he was such a smart bear either! He helped me do all of my homework and at super speed! ...that is between him grooving to my music. He says RAWR to everyone.



I'm ashamed to say that I broke Calvin's heart three times this week: 1)by not picking him up at the gen. meeting 2)by forgetting him at the rose sale table and 3)by letting him get kidnapped at the Kiwanis Takeover (2/19/2008)!

BUT hopefully I made it up to Calvin by letting him play with my Tiger plushie and Piggy back home. I think they had fun chatting while I was in class. Also, I think I got Calvin all girly with the whole star-making business, even though he couldn't really help because of his chubby paws~ Anyway, I hope Calvin enjoyed his time with me and stop being sad. =) hearts for Calvin the Bear!!!



After hibernating for so long, Calvin devoured sushi for dinner. I was afraid that he would eat my pet fish, but Calvin proved to be a really friendly bear..perhaps a little too friendly. I once caught him practicing his heartbreakingly smooth mating call in front of the mirror. It attracted all stuffed bears within a 1 mile radius, including a cool polar bear and a darkly seductive panda. Hm... I wonder who he's going to ask out for Valentine's day... Bears weren't the only ones stalking him this week. A friend fell in love with him during our Chinese New Year's dinner in Oakland and tried to kidnap him multiple times...
I had lab until the evening and couldn't bring him to the New member's orientation. So to make it up to him, we watched a movie and hung out until morning with my friends... I went ahead to the animal shelter while he slept. When I came back with cat hair all over my jeans and stories of how cute it is that cats leave hair everywhere, I think Calvin got a little jealous since I found bear hair all over my clothes later...

I couldn't find any clothes in Calvin's size while I aws shopping. So, I made him a gold hoodie to keep him the HOT sexy bear he is. Finally, Calvin kept me company as I did my online research for lab, but I suspect he really just wanted to see all his circle K friends on the club website.


Calvin studying Statistics in his new sweater! =) Such a nerdy bear!

+ + +

I've come to love this gold hoodie. Thank you, Sarah!
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