After hibernating for so long, Calvin devoured sushi for dinner. I was afraid that he would eat my pet fish, but Calvin proved to be a really friendly bear..perhaps a little too friendly. I once caught him practicing his heartbreakingly smooth mating call in front of the mirror. It attracted all stuffed bears within a 1 mile radius, including a cool polar bear and a darkly seductive panda. Hm... I wonder who he's going to ask out for Valentine's day... Bears weren't the only ones stalking him this week. A friend fell in love with him during our Chinese New Year's dinner in Oakland and tried to kidnap him multiple times...
I had lab until the evening and couldn't bring him to the New member's orientation. So to make it up to him, we watched a movie and hung out until morning with my friends... I went ahead to the animal shelter while he slept. When I came back with cat hair all over my jeans and stories of how cute it is that cats leave hair everywhere, I think Calvin got a little jealous since I found bear hair all over my clothes later...

I couldn't find any clothes in Calvin's size while I aws shopping. So, I made him a gold hoodie to keep him the HOT sexy bear he is. Finally, Calvin kept me company as I did my online research for lab, but I suspect he really just wanted to see all his circle K friends on the club website.


Calvin studying Statistics in his new sweater! =) Such a nerdy bear!

+ + +

I've come to love this gold hoodie. Thank you, Sarah!

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