Calvin decided to stay me for a week after I came back from Virginia City/Reno. However, I was busy for weekdays and there was a Thanksgiving day weekend so I had no circle K event TT_TT

On Thanksgiving day, I went to Joe's house with Tiffany N. Calvin was left behind in my room. But he must have been had good time with winnie-the-pooh and pluto!!

I tried to go at least one event with Calvin, but two events were canceled, so he didn't join any circle event with me. TT_TT

He must have had taken a good rest though ^o^!


+ + +

I did have a good rest! And Winnie-the-pooh and Pluto was really cool. ...Well, to be honest, Winnie was a little slow, but cool nonetheless.


So Calvin and I got to spend lots of time together this past week. We went to Single Service, and fun comm, and Calvin helped to decide the notes for project and fundraising ideas. We went to the K-fam Thanksgiving dinner, where he got to eat a lot of good food and meet a lot of awesome KEY CLUB members. He also helped to count the money that contributed to Joe getting pie'd! Calvin really enjoyed that part.

On Saturday, Calvin unfortunately didn't get to go to the big game and watch Cal kick Stanford's A-S-S. But, of course, he was there in spirit. Calvin was the reason we won, for sure!

He then helped Rocky and I to cook chili-cheese fries for the Iron Knight social. Finally, we ended the week with yet another concession stands on Monday, where we ran away with 8 hotdogs and a pretzel! Yum. Calvin was pleased.

I only regret not taking Calvin for a walk on the treadmill. Goodbye Calvin!



The Adventures of Calvin and JC

Calvin and I were pretty much inseparable. I didn't want to leave him in my dorm just sitting there doing nothing, so I brought him everywhere I went, well except for the bathroom. I didn't want to put him through the torture of the horrid bathroom stench.

so, during the week we went to four committee meetings: Single Service, FUN COM, K-Fam, and Spirit and Social. On Friday we went to the last day of Circle K week where the focus was on health and safety. After that we went to Le Conte Elementary School for Hands on Science. We taught the children the science of music and sound.

Then on Saturday, we had a busy day filled with service projects. First, we went to the Friends of Sausal Creek Restoration service project, where Calvin and I got to visit nature at its best. After that, we went to San Francisco for the Green Festival. We got t-shirts, but Calvin couldn't get one because they didn't have a shirt his size.

Unfortunately, Calvin had to stay in my backpack because he could have gotten really dirty or even worse he could have gotten lost with all the garbage that we had to sort. Four hours of smelly, filthy, gruesome, stinky, vile, nasty, disgusting, putrid garbage sorting, but it was all worth it because we got lots of free stuff.

Calvin and I also made a music video, which he thought of all by himself. He's a genius. He was amazing in that video. Also, we took pictures (like this one) and we also had a blast listening to music. He loved the music I played. He especially liked listening to David Archuleta. His album came out on November 11, 2008 and Calvin couldn't wait to listen to it.

He danced to it, sang with it, and he even made his own song entitled "Calvin Oh Calvin the Bear." At night before we slept, we would talk until we fell asleep. Calvin is the best listener. Calvin always knew what to do to cheer me up. One hug from him and that was it, I would feel so much better.

For the next member of the week, I hope you handle Calvin with some TLC. Try not to leave him in your room because he loves going out, exploring the world, and meeting new people. Bye Calvin, until we meet again.



This week with Calvin has been so special! When we got home after the general meeting on Election Day, we got to hear the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, give his acceptance speech in Chicago... on TV I mean. Calvin was super excited that proposition 2 passed so that all his animal friends can have some "fun" outside of their cages. But he was sad that Prop 8 passed.

On Wednesday, we went to Single Service, Fundraising, and K-Fam committee meeting then he helped me study for my math midterm.

On Thursday we went to Circle Week workday and FTC workday. Calvin was really excited to go to Fall Training Conference again to see all his Cal-Ne-Ha friends. He had an awesome time at Linda's hip-hop workshop and watching the skits. He thinks Berkeley had the best one.

Fortunately, Calvin was not stolen this weekend. But after we got back he has been hibernating until the Circle K potluck social. 

I have so many memories with Calvin, it's hard to let him go but he will have fun with other members too. OH we have the same birthday too!



Give a whoot whoot for Calvin and Anhpha!

So Calvin's stay with me started off with Scary Movie Night! YAY! Calvin, being the courageous bear that he is, sat beside me and provided protection for everyone in the room. :)

I had a lovely walk home after Scary Movie Night with Calvin. He's been sitting on my desk this past week making sure I was on top of my studies. Calvin even kept me company after I came home soaking wet from the football game. Though i was cold from the rain, Calvin's presence made me feel all warm and fuzzy :D

I looked forward to sleeping every night with Calvin right there in my room. It will be very sad parting ways with Calvin, but he will undoubtedly bring joy to the next lucky member of the week.



Calvin is the most hardworking little bear I have ever known! Not only did he use his wide imagination and creative skills in helping at Children's Halloween festival work days, but he also helped me choose a recipe for CKI's october newsletter, and write up an article about Key to College 2008!!!

Being the protective cub that he is, my roommate and I couldn't feel any safer in our apartment throughout the past week!

Missing you already =(


+ + +

I'm counting the days until I can see you again, Ani. I miss you too!


So, my original intention was to go into lots of fun details about all the fun stuff Calvin and I did this week, but now it's Tuesday. Almost time for the Circle K meeting and I still have to study for a midterm tomorrow.

Calvin is currently helping me study Italian Renaissance art. Ok. This week I did a lot of Circle K stuff that Calvin could not join me for, but he did get to meet my suitmates way up at Foothill; we spent all night dancing and growling.

I had lots of reading and studying so Calvin didn't get out much but on Sunday he went to the Goblin Jamboree w/ me! We were right by the Golden Gate Bridge and had an excellent time watching cute kids in costumes!



Calvin's a cook! This week, Calvin spent time with me in the kitchen, learning to cook with the master, who was learning to cook from recipies found on the back of soup cans.

We made cookies, cake, and even a delicious chicken dish!

While I went to school, Calvin stayed and guarded our apartment with much zest. And it worked! Not a single robber came! In fact, he did such a good job that we weren't robbed even BEFORE he came here! To reward him I read him some crazy fairytales by the Brothers Grimm. Sadly, due to midterms, I couldn't have more adventures with Calvin.


+ + +

hehe, my guarding skills are enough to create a time paradox!


It was such an honor to have Calvin for the week. So naturally we did what any girl & stuffed animal do... camwhore.

I brought Calvin to a few events & some of my classes like French "Parley-vous froveous?"

I brought him to ___ so he could watch me suffer & sweat.

Although I would have liked to have Calvin help me with my ___, that didn't work out so well >.>. The week is over so soon! I'll miss you Calvin!!


+ + +

I learned a lot in the French class! Je mapelle Calvin, ohohohoho


Unfortunately, many of the Circle K events this week were way too dangerous for cub Calvin. However, he did attend the Single Service (where he saw beautiful minds hustle to get donations) and the fundraising committee meetings (where he endured the longest icebreaker of his life).

For the rest of the week, Calvin stayed cozy while his papa-for-the-week got some much needed service out of the way. Back at Bowles castle, I spent some meaningful time showing calvin how to mix the best homemade Arnold Palners and how to wriet a rhetoric paper (or how not to).

Calvin, in return, told me not to eat too much from DC before growling or else a nasty surprise will be waiting at the "back door."



Diane and Mr.Calvin had tons of fun at the Fenton Ice Cream Social. Watching Alex gobble down 3 pounds of ice cream in 1.58 minutes. It was an exceptional experience.

On Saturday (20th), I took Mr.Calvin back to nature at the Creek to Bay event. I felt bad for Calvin because I left him in the car. Poor Calvin! 

Well, that's about it. Calvin & I had Tons of fun. Hope Mr.Calvin will enjoy his next big adventure!!

-Love, Diane


Although the time I got to spend with Calvin was short-lived, it was great! Calvin got to meet my friend Tiffany over the weekend while we watched a chick flick at my place.

We enjoyed watching him tread across my desk. Calvin also kept me company while I studied for anatomy, although I think he was a bit scared of all those pictures of skeletons. I told him, "fear not, Calvin - you will always have Circle K members by your side."

Even though I will miss Calvin, I have a feeling we will hang out soon.



I had heard a lot about Calvin from the general meetings, but we had never really met before. On tuesday we bonded a bit while looking at the stars on top of campbell, but unfortunately the rest of the week was pretty busy, and we didn't get much chance to see each other.

Calvin tried to help me study, but he mentioned so many facts about grizzlies that I began to suspect he doesn't know much about quantum physics.

Still, we had a pretty good time, and were both glad to get out to Literacy Village on Sunday. Okay, so he did get a little upset with me when I kept making "bear" puns, but I'm sure that's not why he decided to take the other car back.


+ + +

Bear puns are "beary" lame.

Mai Yer

The first two days with Calvin was very bad because I forgot I had him and he ended up kind of starved. So, to make it up to him, I brought him with me to Camp Gualala.

There, we received great food and Calvin forgave me a little. (Yay) Afterwards we worked on making a trail, which was hard & streaneous but really fun. By the time we finished the trail, Calvin and I were covered with mosquito bites but we were still very satisfied with the work.

Then, we came back to berkeley and watched a movie. There, we learned that we should stick with PG and PG13 movies. Calvin agrees that watching people sucking faces (aka kissing) is very yucky.

A day later, Monday, we say a deer trapped in the creak near VLSB and Oxford. It was very sad but luckily, the deer was helped within two hours or three. The end.

-Mai Yer
+ + +

I've always been a firm believer that hard work leads to good results. This was definitely one of those cases!


My week with Calvin started off with an odd sense of awkwardness, taking into account the many occasions I had briefly talked to Calvin but never got to know him, and that I hadn't gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night since that Saturady.

Nonetheless we made the effort, and he joined us at crossroads for an after meeting meal. There we talked, laughed, and had a jolly time. We even got a taste of Tiffany's mastery of the English languages. In describing the taste of mustard greens she eloquently put: "it's not bitter, but bitterish." We hung out a bit more but decided to head back, since all of us, being me, Matt, Tiffany, and Kathren had work to get back to.

I unfortunately had a paper due the next day, so I told Calvin that he could rest while I was in the lounge but being the caring bear that he was, he decided to stay up with me. But poor Calvin had gotten sick that night due to the lack of sleep coupled with extremely cold weather. We both slept it off missing my chem class until it was finally time to turn in my paper, Calvin noticed that I was still asleep.

Being the thoughtful bear that he is he quickly came to my lecture which had apparently been over for an hour alraedy then to my GSI's office where he found nothing and no one, but my GSI's mailbox.

The week seemed to fly by and in sleping off his sickness Calvin was not able to go everywhere with me, but he was there in spirit. From sparring with my fellow boxing classmates, to putting tent on wood frames at Cazadero Calvin heard it all as soon as I got back. Not to mention the extremely well-behaved key club children at the district convention in Sacramento.

Despite having gotten off to an uneasy start, my countless bowls of cup noodles for Calvin and his endless list of endearing qualities we soon became the best of friends. I just hope that the next person won't let Calvin get attacked by the vicious zombies at Cafe 3.


+ + +

I think Rocky and I share a special sort of bond and understanding. I got yo back, man. If you're ever sick, I'm going to get soup to you like a tourist on Oski.


Calvin and I started our week by going over to Joe's apartment with Linda and Peter. Linda hopped the fence to break into Joe's apartment, but once we were inside we made sandwiches.

Later on, we visited Jimmy, Yishi, dmitriy and Cary at their dorms, and topped it off by going to late night. The next day Calvin and I had lunch with my little sister Cheriz.

On Thursday, we went to the mainstacks in the library where we watched Peter run through the moveable shelves. He got stuck and started making choking noises and we thought it was funny until we realized it was real.

That night Calvin and I went to have cheese and wine at Kathleen's apartment, but I didn't let Calvin drink because I'm not sure if he's 21 yet.

We began the weekend by having a spaghetti dinner with Darcy and Manuel and topped it off on Sundy by watching the Lakers beat down the spurs by 21 points.

There's no doubt that Calvin is truly a Lakers fan. Waiting 2 years for Calvin was definitely worth the wait!


+ + +

Humans laws don't apply to bears! I can drink if I really want to! ...But I like to set good examples for the young'uns. So good call, Hedwiggles.

I'm glad Peter didn't die that day!


So this week with Calvin has been really busy, but a lot of fun. We spent our first night together going to the Asian Ghetto with the other Circle K-ers. I caught him eyeing my crazy alfredo and he took a few bites when I wasn't looking.

The next few days were pretty relaxing. He tried to stay up as I pulled an all-nighter for my classics midterm, but he just couldn't make it. On Friday he went to set up for the disabilities dinner. He helped set up play areas for the kids. The next day we helped out at the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. It got pretty boring so he snuck away for a few minutes to watch the tournament. He was amazed by all the different moves.

Afterwards we ewnt to Fenton's. Marggret and I thought we would be defeated by our huge sunday, but thanks to Calvin's help we were able to finish it. Although I will miss Calvin, at least I have these memories with him.



Once I got Calvin, we realized how much fun we would have with each other. First, he laerned the hip hop routine for DCON with me and later he helped me perfect my awesome moves.

Later, when we went home to SoCal, we met up with some of my old friends and had fun at Mac Grill and Knotts.

I had created a crown for Calvin to get him in the spirit of DCON. At DCON, Danielle stole Calvin when I was practicing the hip hop routine but she gave him back.

At DCON, Calvin had so much fun especially cheering when we won all those awards.

After DCON, Calvin rested and relaxed. These two weeks were awesome w/Calvin.



Once I got Calvin, a certain evil Yishi decided to violate his personal space once again. Understandably Calvin feared for his safety and begged me to let him lay low for a while at least until he felt safe.

Even though Yishi scared him, Calvin was still very helpful especially helping me get ready for my chair application interview since Josh kept making me nervous. Calvin asked me some practice questions so it could help ease my nervousness.

I invited Calvin to all the Circle K events I was attending like Scrapbook party, Eggster, committee mtgs, cheer training, KIWANIS dinner, and Golden Gate DCM but his eyes bugged out of his furry head at all the events. He decided he wanted some "Calvin time" to de-stress from all the projects he went to with the other members. I found him in the bear spa soaking in a bubble bath listening to Kenny G. Calvin is now ready for D-CON!



Yishi started molesting my Calvin at the meeting. I was looking at Calvin's passport and I realized he needed to go to the embassy and renew his travel document.

Maggie jacked Calvin... He had a good time hanging out with me this week... I wanted to take him to adopt a creek but he was afraid to get dirty. I also tried to take him to the volleyball game but it was late and he fell asleep already. On his last day with me, he went to crossroads and had dinner with me to say our farewells. I miss Calvin already...



Calvin and I went to the Eggster Prop building @ Eshelman Hall on Saturday with the other Circle K'ers. He just lounged around on the couch and watched us count flyers, sort plastic eggs, and make displays about art and films. Afterwards, we waited for Nga before going to eat @ Chipotle. who would've thought that Nga would take off her huge hoop earrings and pierce Calvin's ears with them!

To make up for it though Kathleen played some music and Hedwig shared his burrito with Calvin.


+ + +

...That was kind of scary. I think earrings do make me look sexier though. I didn't think that was possible!


Calvin and I had a great experience this past week! He went to the Gold Rush Single Service project where he helped to teach the little kids and even made a few friends. He has a friendship bracelet to prove it!

Although, he growled at one little girl, and she slapped his nose for it, but they quickly made up. The next day he woke up bright and early to help make bag lunches for the homeless. Calvin didn't have a problem getting up, but I can't say the same for myself. I never realized he was such a smart bear either! He helped me do all of my homework and at super speed! ...that is between him grooving to my music. He says RAWR to everyone.



I'm ashamed to say that I broke Calvin's heart three times this week: 1)by not picking him up at the gen. meeting 2)by forgetting him at the rose sale table and 3)by letting him get kidnapped at the Kiwanis Takeover (2/19/2008)!

BUT hopefully I made it up to Calvin by letting him play with my Tiger plushie and Piggy back home. I think they had fun chatting while I was in class. Also, I think I got Calvin all girly with the whole star-making business, even though he couldn't really help because of his chubby paws~ Anyway, I hope Calvin enjoyed his time with me and stop being sad. =) hearts for Calvin the Bear!!!



After hibernating for so long, Calvin devoured sushi for dinner. I was afraid that he would eat my pet fish, but Calvin proved to be a really friendly bear..perhaps a little too friendly. I once caught him practicing his heartbreakingly smooth mating call in front of the mirror. It attracted all stuffed bears within a 1 mile radius, including a cool polar bear and a darkly seductive panda. Hm... I wonder who he's going to ask out for Valentine's day... Bears weren't the only ones stalking him this week. A friend fell in love with him during our Chinese New Year's dinner in Oakland and tried to kidnap him multiple times...
I had lab until the evening and couldn't bring him to the New member's orientation. So to make it up to him, we watched a movie and hung out until morning with my friends... I went ahead to the animal shelter while he slept. When I came back with cat hair all over my jeans and stories of how cute it is that cats leave hair everywhere, I think Calvin got a little jealous since I found bear hair all over my clothes later...

I couldn't find any clothes in Calvin's size while I aws shopping. So, I made him a gold hoodie to keep him the HOT sexy bear he is. Finally, Calvin kept me company as I did my online research for lab, but I suspect he really just wanted to see all his circle K friends on the club website.


Calvin studying Statistics in his new sweater! =) Such a nerdy bear!

+ + +

I've come to love this gold hoodie. Thank you, Sarah!
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