So this week with Calvin has been really busy, but a lot of fun. We spent our first night together going to the Asian Ghetto with the other Circle K-ers. I caught him eyeing my crazy alfredo and he took a few bites when I wasn't looking.

The next few days were pretty relaxing. He tried to stay up as I pulled an all-nighter for my classics midterm, but he just couldn't make it. On Friday he went to set up for the disabilities dinner. He helped set up play areas for the kids. The next day we helped out at the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. It got pretty boring so he snuck away for a few minutes to watch the tournament. He was amazed by all the different moves.

Afterwards we ewnt to Fenton's. Marggret and I thought we would be defeated by our huge sunday, but thanks to Calvin's help we were able to finish it. Although I will miss Calvin, at least I have these memories with him.


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