My week with Calvin started off with an odd sense of awkwardness, taking into account the many occasions I had briefly talked to Calvin but never got to know him, and that I hadn't gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night since that Saturady.

Nonetheless we made the effort, and he joined us at crossroads for an after meeting meal. There we talked, laughed, and had a jolly time. We even got a taste of Tiffany's mastery of the English languages. In describing the taste of mustard greens she eloquently put: "it's not bitter, but bitterish." We hung out a bit more but decided to head back, since all of us, being me, Matt, Tiffany, and Kathren had work to get back to.

I unfortunately had a paper due the next day, so I told Calvin that he could rest while I was in the lounge but being the caring bear that he was, he decided to stay up with me. But poor Calvin had gotten sick that night due to the lack of sleep coupled with extremely cold weather. We both slept it off missing my chem class until it was finally time to turn in my paper, Calvin noticed that I was still asleep.

Being the thoughtful bear that he is he quickly came to my lecture which had apparently been over for an hour alraedy then to my GSI's office where he found nothing and no one, but my GSI's mailbox.

The week seemed to fly by and in sleping off his sickness Calvin was not able to go everywhere with me, but he was there in spirit. From sparring with my fellow boxing classmates, to putting tent on wood frames at Cazadero Calvin heard it all as soon as I got back. Not to mention the extremely well-behaved key club children at the district convention in Sacramento.

Despite having gotten off to an uneasy start, my countless bowls of cup noodles for Calvin and his endless list of endearing qualities we soon became the best of friends. I just hope that the next person won't let Calvin get attacked by the vicious zombies at Cafe 3.


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I think Rocky and I share a special sort of bond and understanding. I got yo back, man. If you're ever sick, I'm going to get soup to you like a tourist on Oski.

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