Mai Yer

The first two days with Calvin was very bad because I forgot I had him and he ended up kind of starved. So, to make it up to him, I brought him with me to Camp Gualala.

There, we received great food and Calvin forgave me a little. (Yay) Afterwards we worked on making a trail, which was hard & streaneous but really fun. By the time we finished the trail, Calvin and I were covered with mosquito bites but we were still very satisfied with the work.

Then, we came back to berkeley and watched a movie. There, we learned that we should stick with PG and PG13 movies. Calvin agrees that watching people sucking faces (aka kissing) is very yucky.

A day later, Monday, we say a deer trapped in the creak near VLSB and Oxford. It was very sad but luckily, the deer was helped within two hours or three. The end.

-Mai Yer
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I've always been a firm believer that hard work leads to good results. This was definitely one of those cases!

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