Banquet abduction

Calvin, like many of the bay area fans, was excited for the success of the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. In Thursday's game, Calvin and I screamed and roared with every basket Baron Davis made. Final score Dallas 86 Golden State!!! To celebrate we went to get ice scream. I was surprise to see Calvin, a small bear, eat so much Ice Scream.

The following day we got ready for banquet. As we were walking to Barrows, Calvin was getting more look from the ladies than I was. I was jealous.

During banquet an unexpected incident happened. I LOST CALVIN!!! Throughout banquet I searched for Calvin, but no one knew where he was. I felt bad. I'm SORRY CALVIN! At the end of banquet, the abductor from CKI Riverside came forward and returned Calvin.

I can't imagine the fear Calvin was in the hands of the abductor. I hope Calvin would forgive me.

+ + +

Nah, that's okay. UC Riverside treated me like I was king. I'm a pretty likeable bear, hehe.


Where should I begin? Calvin had a whirlwind week that began with an "Around the world" fundraising event and ended w/him sleepily lounging on my desk with his lazy smile adorning his furry brown face.

He also proved himself to be quite the Warriors fan as he sat by my side to watch the Warriors upset the Mavs 3-1. Things got a little rowdy, but Calvin handled my hoots and hollers with ease.

Calvin also made a rare appearance at UC Davis where he accompanied me at an amazing ribshack- a carnivore's dream. He made quick friends with my cousin's puppy Bailey and her cat Baby. You should have seen them all snuggled on the couch!

I hope Calvin had as great a time as I had with him. He is hands down my new favorite bear, sorry Oski.

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