Banquet abduction

Calvin, like many of the bay area fans, was excited for the success of the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. In Thursday's game, Calvin and I screamed and roared with every basket Baron Davis made. Final score Dallas 86 Golden State!!! To celebrate we went to get ice scream. I was surprise to see Calvin, a small bear, eat so much Ice Scream.

The following day we got ready for banquet. As we were walking to Barrows, Calvin was getting more look from the ladies than I was. I was jealous.

During banquet an unexpected incident happened. I LOST CALVIN!!! Throughout banquet I searched for Calvin, but no one knew where he was. I felt bad. I'm SORRY CALVIN! At the end of banquet, the abductor from CKI Riverside came forward and returned Calvin.

I can't imagine the fear Calvin was in the hands of the abductor. I hope Calvin would forgive me.

+ + +

Nah, that's okay. UC Riverside treated me like I was king. I'm a pretty likeable bear, hehe.

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