I was super happy I got Calvin over Thanksgiving break! Before we kicked off our fun weekend, we helped out at the Uhuru Collectibles, where we unpacked boxes and decorated the store. Then Calvin met my parents and my dog, Happy! I was so excited Calvin got to meet Happy! We had a great Thanksgiving dinner :) 
    We also went to San Francisco and got some black friday shopping done! We also went to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a lot of pictures!! Calvin also helped me buy a LOT of food at Costco, so I won't starve during Finals week! This weekend was an amazing weekend with Calvin and my family <3
I had so much fun going to a lot of places and eating yummy food! I'll definitely miss Calvin's company, but I hope he will have a lot of fun with the next Circle K'er!!

- Ayane Itamura


 I was super happily surprised when I found out that I would get to keep Calvin for the week. Unfortunately, I was not there to pick him up from the general meeting because I was studying for a midterm, but he told me he enjoyed his time with Sally lots until she handed him over to me on Thursday. After introducing him to my hall mates, I introduced him to my stuffed animals and they're all best friends now! Filmore Bear and Lebron the dog will definitely be missing Calvin. On Friday we went to the Bonfire rally!! He was amazed by how big the bonfire was. However, since it was raining, the bonfire was soon almost doused out and it turned freezing cold. His paws almost froze, but he was a very brave bear and I gave him some hot homemade milk tea to warm up. On Saturday, Calvin and I went to the Stanford game together!

Although we lost, Calvin commented on how wonderful Cal's band was and how they were a million times better than Stanford's band, which I wholeheartedly agree with. On sunday morning we went together to feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul's. However, the entire time he was stuffed into a drawer and was a little angry with me. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat and hang out with my friends. 
  On Monday Calvin accompanied me to the Projects Committee where he enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas and laughing at everyone's jokes. 

And at the end of the meeting, there was leftover chocolate, which was given to Calvin to munch on. Hopefully Calvin will save some chocolate for the next person who gets to keep him for the week! I will miss him!

Sephanie Yu


My time with Calvin was short but sweet. :) On Friday, we went to Hands on Science and we created an awesome lesson plan for the kids at LeConte all about the stars and planets. I think it will be a lot of fun for them, especially the space mangers activity. Calvin is kind of jealous of them because he wants to be an awesome space explorer too, like Buzz Lightyear!
  On Saturday, Calvin and I slept in and then ate a delicious Clark Kerr Brunch before heading over to Concessions. Calvin was really excited to cheer on Cal and he was so happy when they made their first touchdown. Even though Cal didn't win, we still sold a lot of pretzels and churros and raised tons of money for charity.

  Right after Concessions we went to the Fenton's social and watched as Kay, Angie, Chris, Jeffrey, Katie, and Kathy took on the Fenton's Challenge. Calvin didn't know if he could thrust 3 lbs of ice cream, but I think with his BEAR appetite he can! There's always next year!
  Sunday, I was so tired that Calvin and I just spent the day napping, with a little time for homework there and there.
  Overall the week was a lot of fun filled with meaningful service, fun socials and good friends.

Sarah Reed


Yayyy, I have Calvin! <3 And it's the best possible week to have him. Know why? Because it's FTC week! Dude, I am so excited... it's kidna crazy actually. Muahahahaha. I won't be able to concentrate in school because I'll be thinking about FTC too much (Imma be talkin' about FTC a lot, so bear with me [hehe... I'm so punny. XD]). Anywho! So after general meeting, I went to Bear Market to buy some snacks for FTC. Calvin and I just stared at the food longingly, actually. haha Wednesday --> Calvin came with me to a yoga class. He is actually quite accomplished at the "Sitting Bear" pose. Afterwards, we ate some yummy pizza at the Single Service meeting... I had to restrain him because he kept scarfing down those pizza slices. Friday --> I went to the Spirit and Social FTC workday, but Calvin wanted to rest up for the weekend.
FTC is over. :( But Calvin and I had soooooooooooooooooo much fun. We cheered our hearts (and voices) out, we met a lot of new people (oh, by the way, we officially love De Anza College :) ), and we went to many fun workshops. I absolutely loved the mystery aspect of the entire thing (props to Tammy Tieu for everything!). Unfortunately, Bonnie, Monica, Flo, and I didn't get the Target giftcards but we had fun trying to solve the mystery! The dance was also a lot of fun (Calvin didn't want to come with me... he was too tired. :( ). We stopped by Nation's on the way back. It was SOOO GOOD. Man, I want more pie now... :P So, all in all, this weekend is a weekend I shall never forget. Thank you UCB CKI (man we're fine!) for this amazing experience. Can't wait for DCON! <3

- Kay
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