Yayyy, I have Calvin! <3 And it's the best possible week to have him. Know why? Because it's FTC week! Dude, I am so excited... it's kidna crazy actually. Muahahahaha. I won't be able to concentrate in school because I'll be thinking about FTC too much (Imma be talkin' about FTC a lot, so bear with me [hehe... I'm so punny. XD]). Anywho! So after general meeting, I went to Bear Market to buy some snacks for FTC. Calvin and I just stared at the food longingly, actually. haha Wednesday --> Calvin came with me to a yoga class. He is actually quite accomplished at the "Sitting Bear" pose. Afterwards, we ate some yummy pizza at the Single Service meeting... I had to restrain him because he kept scarfing down those pizza slices. Friday --> I went to the Spirit and Social FTC workday, but Calvin wanted to rest up for the weekend.
FTC is over. :( But Calvin and I had soooooooooooooooooo much fun. We cheered our hearts (and voices) out, we met a lot of new people (oh, by the way, we officially love De Anza College :) ), and we went to many fun workshops. I absolutely loved the mystery aspect of the entire thing (props to Tammy Tieu for everything!). Unfortunately, Bonnie, Monica, Flo, and I didn't get the Target giftcards but we had fun trying to solve the mystery! The dance was also a lot of fun (Calvin didn't want to come with me... he was too tired. :( ). We stopped by Nation's on the way back. It was SOOO GOOD. Man, I want more pie now... :P So, all in all, this weekend is a weekend I shall never forget. Thank you UCB CKI (man we're fine!) for this amazing experience. Can't wait for DCON! <3

- Kay

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