Happy Halloween!!! ~ Month! I met Calvin on October 26, 2010! Whee! So! Since it was October, the month of Halloween festivities, Calvin and I went to set up for the Halloween festival YAY!!! It was a lot of work but the carnival looked well-prepared and scary good!!! Then we went to the Halloween Festival the next day! I dressed up as Alice and Calvin was in the kitchen most of the time around all the yummy food! :3 YAY! It was a long two days but it was all worth it. We helped clean up at the end and got to sleep, sleep, sleep afterwards! zzzzz! 
Although there wasn't too many events that we could go to, Calvin helped me clean the room in my dorm and help me for my anthro midterm this Friday. T__T Boo. Then, Calvin came with me to FTC Dance Practice! Then we went back to Clark Kerr and Calvin helped me study for a bit until I got the munchies and I went to go get a late night snack at CKC dining hall! Wee! Such good food. I feel super sad to leave Calvin because we didn't have too much time (grr... midterms!) But the next person who receives him should be super happy! FTC!!! <3
- Angie Yi

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