Yee! Even though I was late, I still got Calvin. He growled at me when we first met. I think he was excited for scared of all the fun that was in store for him! We went to my dorm and watched GLEE! Calvin agreed with me that it was one of the best shows on TV. The rest of the week was homework! Calvin was oober helpful with my derivatives and related rate problems, seems he's learned a lot in his years at Cal. Calvin came to work with me where he wanted to hide from all of the dangerous children. Afterwards, we ate at Crossroads. He strongly advised me not to eat the meat, for it was not entirely cooked. Calvin knows his meat! >:] The next few days were filled with Circle K events. He was excited to be doing service, 
but he told me that he was sad that he couldn't come out of the bag for most of them. "A bear's fur has got to stay clean," he said. 
    Calvin was excited to run into his previous owner from years ago--Josh. He growled in excitement. Afterwards he led the way to Target, so we could go make microwave cake with some fellow Circle-Kers that he may see again in the future. He liked the cake and asked for more, with extra honey! The next few days were filled with boredom and homework, but to make it interesting we watched anime together and I taught him how to say "I love Circle K" in MANY different languages!
- Devante Allen

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