Yay! Calvin, which I have to say is the most adorable bear ever got to stay with me this week! I was so excited to meet him! I wanted to bring him everywhere and get him to meet everybody. Unfortunately, I, the most horrible companion, had a hectic week with my midterms right around the corner D: But Calvin supported me all the way! He rooted for me while I was studying and made sure that I was on task. He even knew when I needed a break and convinced me to go on the Washington Elementary project. We had so much fun there. Apparently, Calvin is an amazing craftsman. He was way better than me at taking apart wood and attempted to carry the heavy wooden poles himself. His strength was unbelievable!

Then, I was going to take Calvin to the Night on the Town social but he knew that I really wanted to go to Fall Free for All so he convinced me to study and take him to the performances on Sunday instead. When we came back, he said that they were spectacular and he even told me that he learned a lot from them! I'm going to miss you Calvin! Until we meet again (: !
- Jasmine Thai

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