Happy Halloween!!! ~ Month! I met Calvin on October 26, 2010! Whee! So! Since it was October, the month of Halloween festivities, Calvin and I went to set up for the Halloween festival YAY!!! It was a lot of work but the carnival looked well-prepared and scary good!!! Then we went to the Halloween Festival the next day! I dressed up as Alice and Calvin was in the kitchen most of the time around all the yummy food! :3 YAY! It was a long two days but it was all worth it. We helped clean up at the end and got to sleep, sleep, sleep afterwards! zzzzz! 
Although there wasn't too many events that we could go to, Calvin helped me clean the room in my dorm and help me for my anthro midterm this Friday. T__T Boo. Then, Calvin came with me to FTC Dance Practice! Then we went back to Clark Kerr and Calvin helped me study for a bit until I got the munchies and I went to go get a late night snack at CKC dining hall! Wee! Such good food. I feel super sad to leave Calvin because we didn't have too much time (grr... midterms!) But the next person who receives him should be super happy! FTC!!! <3
- Angie Yi


 Hurrah! Calvin and I formally met on the 19th and I brought him home. Although not much really happens in the room, he has had the "pleasure" of staying up past midnight (and even pull an allnighter) every day of the week! Calvin probably didn't like being kept up at night, and neither did I. :/
On Friday night, Calvin and I went to Circle K's Scary Movie Night! Of course, I wanted a good scare (and Calvin probably did too, so he tagged along >:D) Shutter and The Ghost were definitely quite interesting, both had their jumpy moments. The following day, Calvin and I were awakened by my oh-so-awesome alarm clock at 8am. Apparently I was so tired that I left Calvin at home during the Cal vs ASU game. Calvin probably knew the score at home anyway, with the computer there and all :3
Anyways, that night was horrible. We had to wake up at 5am to prepare for Cazadero, but my roommates kept us both up with their noise >:(. Cazadero was quite fun, but Calvin had to stay warm/dry inside my backpack most of the time. It was a fun weekend though!

- Ricky Liang


Sadly, me and Calvin didn't have that many great weekdays because I got Calvin the day before my Chem midterm :( But the week began to pick up on Friday when we went to the first inter-family social! Calvin and I brought mini Reese's cups :) Yum! So we play Super Smash Bro's on the PS2 (I think) and we kick Darrell's patootie when we played as yoshi. Then we played... umm... I forgot what it's called but we had to guess the word and pass on this clicker thing and do it before time runs out. xP After the social, Calvin came with me to the FTC skit recording. Oh ya! He also came with me to the props-making thing on Thursday night. We painted the Handy Dandy notebook from Blues Clue's xD The props were so artistic, it was like watching Blues Clues in real life and none of the characters were creepy. 
Then Saturday night, I went to the Circle K social in San Fran but Calvin was feeling a little sick so I didn't take him :( Darn that weather change :/ But it's okay cuz I actually got bus-sick and puked as soon as I got into the restroom @ Pier 39 so I doubt that'd be a sight Calvin would like to see. The rest of the week, Calvin just kicked it in my dorm, recovering for the next member of the week. :) So, as I'm writing this, I was looking through the photos and I caught you Calvin! Eating Reese's right out of the bag. haha! You, lil fatty <3 Well it was one fun-filled Circle K involving week! I added a lil ribbon to Calvin's paw so you better not forget about me, love!
                         <3 Polly Chen :)


I didn't get to meet Calvin until Wednesday afternoon and we didn't really get to have fun until Friday. (Too much homework but Calvin was understanding). So Friday was super busy but fun-filled! We had such a great time at Le Conte Elementary making yummy ice cream for Hands on Science. Calvin got a brain freeze but he learned how to stop one just in time... to enjoy more ice cream!

After that we went to the single service workshop and painted signs for the Children's Halloween Festival. Then we went to the Homecoming rally. I thought it was okay but Calvin had a blast. He especially liked the Main Stacks dance performance. Saturday we missed the game... but we were pretty productive that day. The first half of Sunday was boring but we had so much fun @ the Maroon 5 concert! Calvin's favorite song: Stand by Me :) sung by One Republic! Aww I had such a fun week with you Calvin. Until we get to hang out again ... <3

Tiffany Kyo


Yee! Even though I was late, I still got Calvin. He growled at me when we first met. I think he was excited for scared of all the fun that was in store for him! We went to my dorm and watched GLEE! Calvin agreed with me that it was one of the best shows on TV. The rest of the week was homework! Calvin was oober helpful with my derivatives and related rate problems, seems he's learned a lot in his years at Cal. Calvin came to work with me where he wanted to hide from all of the dangerous children. Afterwards, we ate at Crossroads. He strongly advised me not to eat the meat, for it was not entirely cooked. Calvin knows his meat! >:] The next few days were filled with Circle K events. He was excited to be doing service, 
but he told me that he was sad that he couldn't come out of the bag for most of them. "A bear's fur has got to stay clean," he said. 
    Calvin was excited to run into his previous owner from years ago--Josh. He growled in excitement. Afterwards he led the way to Target, so we could go make microwave cake with some fellow Circle-Kers that he may see again in the future. He liked the cake and asked for more, with extra honey! The next few days were filled with boredom and homework, but to make it interesting we watched anime together and I taught him how to say "I love Circle K" in MANY different languages!
- Devante Allen
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