Hurrah! Calvin and I formally met on the 19th and I brought him home. Although not much really happens in the room, he has had the "pleasure" of staying up past midnight (and even pull an allnighter) every day of the week! Calvin probably didn't like being kept up at night, and neither did I. :/
On Friday night, Calvin and I went to Circle K's Scary Movie Night! Of course, I wanted a good scare (and Calvin probably did too, so he tagged along >:D) Shutter and The Ghost were definitely quite interesting, both had their jumpy moments. The following day, Calvin and I were awakened by my oh-so-awesome alarm clock at 8am. Apparently I was so tired that I left Calvin at home during the Cal vs ASU game. Calvin probably knew the score at home anyway, with the computer there and all :3
Anyways, that night was horrible. We had to wake up at 5am to prepare for Cazadero, but my roommates kept us both up with their noise >:(. Cazadero was quite fun, but Calvin had to stay warm/dry inside my backpack most of the time. It was a fun weekend though!

- Ricky Liang

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