Sadly, me and Calvin didn't have that many great weekdays because I got Calvin the day before my Chem midterm :( But the week began to pick up on Friday when we went to the first inter-family social! Calvin and I brought mini Reese's cups :) Yum! So we play Super Smash Bro's on the PS2 (I think) and we kick Darrell's patootie when we played as yoshi. Then we played... umm... I forgot what it's called but we had to guess the word and pass on this clicker thing and do it before time runs out. xP After the social, Calvin came with me to the FTC skit recording. Oh ya! He also came with me to the props-making thing on Thursday night. We painted the Handy Dandy notebook from Blues Clue's xD The props were so artistic, it was like watching Blues Clues in real life and none of the characters were creepy. 
Then Saturday night, I went to the Circle K social in San Fran but Calvin was feeling a little sick so I didn't take him :( Darn that weather change :/ But it's okay cuz I actually got bus-sick and puked as soon as I got into the restroom @ Pier 39 so I doubt that'd be a sight Calvin would like to see. The rest of the week, Calvin just kicked it in my dorm, recovering for the next member of the week. :) So, as I'm writing this, I was looking through the photos and I caught you Calvin! Eating Reese's right out of the bag. haha! You, lil fatty <3 Well it was one fun-filled Circle K involving week! I added a lil ribbon to Calvin's paw so you better not forget about me, love!
                         <3 Polly Chen :)

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