Even though my relationship started on the wrong foot (Calvin fell off my lap when I sat back down during the K meeting) It progressively got better as the week went on. Tue. night Calvin met the rest of my family, including my sister who had gotten back from Disneyland.

On Wed. Calvin went to my early Italian class, unfortunately he fell asleep through all of it and learned no Italian. At the Spirit and social committee meeting, Calvin had fun cheering, even though the spanish teacher came into stop us. Then Calvin was stolen for 5 minutes by Sean, it was very frightening for Calvin since he did not know what Sean would do to him, but he returned him. After at study group Calvin showed off his Grrrs..., he also learned about Mass Spectroscopy, and then how to Lindy Hop!! On thurs. Calvin met the Trenza ladies, and modeled dresses for spring banquet.

Friday Calvin was there to comfort me, fortunately I did not need comforting since I got a good score on my ochem midterm. On Saturday Calvin enjoyed an eventful kids- b-day party, he hung out with the 7 year olds, since Calvin is only 2 years old and the 14 year olds were partying hard.

Love ya calvin!

Note to self?

What can I say except that it was. the most relaxing week of my life. I did absolutely nothing except sat there on his desk. It was nice to stay in one place. I used his computer to surf the net. There are some crazy things happening in the world lately, like Obama outfundraising Hillary.

When I was bored I search his computer for "viewing materials" but couldnt' find anything, that human must have deleted them before I came over. Oh well, I guess the good thing was that I finally put my imagination and creativity to good use. Well I can't wait to meet my next __!! Hopefully I get to see him before he __ but if not, then ___ with the rest of your life.



Calvin had SUCH an AMAZING time this past spring break! I took him to my optometry seminar and got his eyes examined. They are perfectly healthy for a minibear. =)

Then DDDCON!! ...sadly Fullerton stole him the 2nd day but I got reassurance he was treated well until the day Berkeley took him back (using brute force.) They love Calvin so much too.

The rest of the break, Calvin came with me, hanging out with my high school friends and even spent a night at a UCSD Circle K'er's house! Get ready to go back to school Calvin!

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