UCI babysits

What a great weekend it's been! Calvin took another delay flight to So. Cal (lucky, it was delay... as I arrive to the airport @ 8:50pm for my 9pm flight)

Both of us had a great time in So. Cal as we were joined by other K clubs for their Spring Training Conference. There he met the IPP of UCI & UCR; it's a secret to what Calvin experience =P But the members of UCI decided to Bear sit Calvin for a week!

Calvin at STC South!!!
(Irvine is Bear-sittin' him for a week.)

+ + +

Irvine people are kind of weird. Some of them, at least.

I did have fun for the most part though!

Erika + UCI

Poor Calvin had to listen to Gustavo's horrible jokes today. Meanwhile, I laughed histerically because I need sleep. I think Calvin is sick because his growl is strange, but it's probably my imagination. I can't wait to see what's left in store for me and Calvin!

-Erika Nevarez (May's friend)

Calvin got raped by UCI. It is now impregnated with our seed. It will have 18 offspring of which 8 will survive and Calvin will eat the rest. That is all.

+ + +

I pretend this never happened.


Spring Break

During spring break, Calvin & I headed for the Sierra mountains. I think he enjoyed the mountain air. I tried to teach him how to snowboard, but only being able to wiggle his head and feet caused him a problem.
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