So I was suuupperrr lucky because I had Calvin for two whole weeks! The week right before spring break wasn't too eventful because I had a bunch of projects and midterms, but that was ok. 
   Calvin and I went to the Fundraising Committee meeting which was cool because we all got to plan the end of the year social. Calvin spent a lot of time chiling with me as I did my work. Right before spring break, I asked Calvin if he wanted to go to DCON because I wasn't going. Calvin said he would love to spend the week with me. I was so excited! So Sunday was my birthday so me and Calvin had lots of cake and went out for an awesome dinner and movie. 

He got to meet all my friends from high school and just get to know my neighborhood. I was so glad I got to hang out with Calvin. It was so much fun =)

~ Stephi Hamilton


Okay, Calvin is spending his last hours with me. I'm in Anthro right now but Calvin is sleeping because he stayed up with me til 5am. T__T
   Anyways, I was really surprised to take Calvin for a week. I was happy! Hehe. Right after the GM, I took him to the gym but he wasn't allowed in so I had to take him home. =( I made it up to him by doing an all nighter w/ him!
   So on Wednesday, I had a midterm; he went with me and I think I failed =/ But right after that, he went to a Balance workshop with me. 
    Thursday - I let Calvin rest. After Anthro Lab, I went to the gym so Calvin couldn't come. I felt so bad because he was supposed to go on a date with me to the Spirit and Social mtg. I made it up by buying 2 tubs of ice cream! He wallowed with me because I got some bad results from my Anthro midterm =/ . 
   I think he liked Walgreen's Waffle Cone ice cream. I guess caramel is pretty close to honey. 
    Friday - I went to Chaparral House with him! I think he enjoyed it. I was pretty embarrassed because I can't draw. 
    Saturday - we chillaxed! until 3, I took him to scrapbooking and he was quiet while I worked. So at night, CKI Board came over so I let Calvin sleep with me. He was guarding them =D
    Sunday was a busy day, I think after Board left, he was able to sleep for a few hours and then I snatched him and took him to the vaccination event. He played with this Golden retriever named Bootleg and when I was busy doing office work, he played with the cat. It was so cute. They were so curious of Calvin. I think Bootleg wanted to lick him. When I got home, I was so tired but I walked to Safeway to buy soda for the poutine party and he helped me choose a cake for Shera's bday! We went to Spirit day and yeah... lol! We went to Poutine party but we left early because I was tired out from daylight savings, 1 hr of sleep and full day off Monday we slept at 10:30 which is good!

    Monday - I let Calvin rest. He was tired. =( But he woke up when I was giggling and squealing when I saw ex-2PM member Jay Park flash his abs and sing "Nothing on You" on yt! (Sorry fangirl moment).
Well he stayed up until 5. I was procrastinating and he wasn't happy. Sowwee Calvin! =( 

Okay so I'm going to stay in Anthro, go to Ethnic Studies, study and then send Calvin off to the next MoW! =/ I had such a fun time. I'm going to miss him!
Take care of him!
- Michelle Tran 


Calvin had a lot of fun with me this week. Since one of my classes was cancelled due to the university strike, we only had to go to one class.
   Unfortunately, at the beginning of the lecture, Calvin decided to emit loud, high-pitched screams as the professor was about to lecture. Apparently, everybody thought it was the fire-alarm, so we had to evacuate the building (Dwinelle).
         Silly Calvin.
   On Friday and Saturday, Calvin followed me to a couple of Residence Hall Assembly Finance committee meetings, which lasted four and a half hours in total. We gave recommendation for some sponsorships and wrote a couple of Assembly bills to transfer money among different parts of RHA's budget. Also, during the weekend, we studied for my History 5 midterm. I told that if I'm not doing very well, he should start screaming again so that we don't have to finish the test.
   On Monday we went to an RHA meeting and he learned a lot about the process of passing sponsorships and legislation. Overall, we had a fun week and we learned a lot. :)
- Daniel Ganz


Calvin and I had loads of fun this weekend :)
I took him to Hands on Science, to play with the kids at LeConte Elementary School and he loved it! I think Calvin was surprised to learn that he was part of the food chain! Anyways, Calvin got a little upset with me on Saturday because I forgot to take him to Angel's Baking where we baked oatmeal cranberry cookies and world peace cookies... :( Calvin had wanted to eat the crumbs. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat with my friends and me at the Asian Ghetto. :)
   I think Calvin really enjoyed watching me study for chem and he learned a lot too I think. LOL I'm going to miss Calvin so much! Especially his growling that sounds like my stomach when I'm hungry. I hope he will have lots of fun this coming week with his new buddy!
Kathy Kim

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