Okay, Calvin is spending his last hours with me. I'm in Anthro right now but Calvin is sleeping because he stayed up with me til 5am. T__T
   Anyways, I was really surprised to take Calvin for a week. I was happy! Hehe. Right after the GM, I took him to the gym but he wasn't allowed in so I had to take him home. =( I made it up to him by doing an all nighter w/ him!
   So on Wednesday, I had a midterm; he went with me and I think I failed =/ But right after that, he went to a Balance workshop with me. 
    Thursday - I let Calvin rest. After Anthro Lab, I went to the gym so Calvin couldn't come. I felt so bad because he was supposed to go on a date with me to the Spirit and Social mtg. I made it up by buying 2 tubs of ice cream! He wallowed with me because I got some bad results from my Anthro midterm =/ . 
   I think he liked Walgreen's Waffle Cone ice cream. I guess caramel is pretty close to honey. 
    Friday - I went to Chaparral House with him! I think he enjoyed it. I was pretty embarrassed because I can't draw. 
    Saturday - we chillaxed! until 3, I took him to scrapbooking and he was quiet while I worked. So at night, CKI Board came over so I let Calvin sleep with me. He was guarding them =D
    Sunday was a busy day, I think after Board left, he was able to sleep for a few hours and then I snatched him and took him to the vaccination event. He played with this Golden retriever named Bootleg and when I was busy doing office work, he played with the cat. It was so cute. They were so curious of Calvin. I think Bootleg wanted to lick him. When I got home, I was so tired but I walked to Safeway to buy soda for the poutine party and he helped me choose a cake for Shera's bday! We went to Spirit day and yeah... lol! We went to Poutine party but we left early because I was tired out from daylight savings, 1 hr of sleep and full day off Monday we slept at 10:30 which is good!

    Monday - I let Calvin rest. He was tired. =( But he woke up when I was giggling and squealing when I saw ex-2PM member Jay Park flash his abs and sing "Nothing on You" on yt! (Sorry fangirl moment).
Well he stayed up until 5. I was procrastinating and he wasn't happy. Sowwee Calvin! =( 

Okay so I'm going to stay in Anthro, go to Ethnic Studies, study and then send Calvin off to the next MoW! =/ I had such a fun time. I'm going to miss him!
Take care of him!
- Michelle Tran 

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Calvin the Bear said...

Hi Michelle!

I had so much fun with you even if it was quite a stressful week!
I miss Bootleg. Will you take me to the Animal Shelter again some time, so I can see my friends again? :)

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