Calvin and I had loads of fun this weekend :)
I took him to Hands on Science, to play with the kids at LeConte Elementary School and he loved it! I think Calvin was surprised to learn that he was part of the food chain! Anyways, Calvin got a little upset with me on Saturday because I forgot to take him to Angel's Baking where we baked oatmeal cranberry cookies and world peace cookies... :( Calvin had wanted to eat the crumbs. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat with my friends and me at the Asian Ghetto. :)
   I think Calvin really enjoyed watching me study for chem and he learned a lot too I think. LOL I'm going to miss Calvin so much! Especially his growling that sounds like my stomach when I'm hungry. I hope he will have lots of fun this coming week with his new buddy!
Kathy Kim

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Calvin the Bear said...

I read this and now I crave those oatmeal cranberry cookies again! mmmmmmmm

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