I wasn't there to pick up Calvin at the general meeting because I was studying for a midterm. I was super excited when I found out I got to keep him for the week!
   Our first meeting was at Diana's apartment for the Multicultural Fair Work Day (2/18-2/19). Calvin was there to see me spray paint the awesome looking (hehe) samurai and cut out cherry blossoms.
   Over the weekend, Calvin and I went to the Multicultural Fair. He had an awesome time touring the entire world, and taking loads of pictures with people. Calvin's favorite part was meeting all the different types of animals. He made 2 new friends (Koala Bears).
   Last but not least, I took Calvin to the scrapbook meeting (2/22/10)! He definitely enjoyed looking through all the pictures of fellow Circle K members. There was one picture of Vincent and Darrell at the Halloween Festival that was particularly hilarious. haha
   I had a really fun time with Calvin. I hope the next person who gets him will enjoy his company as much as I did.
~ Brian Chan

P.S. Apparently Josh knocked Calvin off the table before I can get him. >:O Thankfully Calvin's a tough bear and was perfectly fine. :)

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Calvin the Bear said...

I still have a bruise from that day Josh hit me! :(

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