Wow! Cannot believe it has been an amazing week! From the first day Calvin made a new friend! Finally one his own size too :) Soon after I got to take Calvin to a chemistry midterm yay! He helped give me confidence and HEY what do you know? I did pretty good on it too.

But now the weather got really cold and I started to go project crazy going to events left and right that Calvin just was not prepared for. But thankfully, I got to spend lots of quality time with Calvin at study-a-thon and especially final chill night. He got to roam the floors of the SLC and help play taboo!

He accompanied me to my families social too! We enjoyed watching glee and eating yummy food. And now comes the week of finals! So much to do just hoping that Calvin won't be too bored. Ahhh! Well, thankfully Calvin was always there to give me confidence as well as force me to study. I got to thinking Calvin must know almost everything, being at Cal so long. Knowledgeable bear. Well I decided to take Calvin to my finals as good luck, hope it works.

But now its break! Ah so excited to show Calvin to everyone. We decided to go shopping and go all christmasy :). He's good at choosing gifts for people. We got to go to grandmas for Christmas lunch and dinner. I got to show Calvin some of the best Chinese food I have ever had! Yum. Wow, with all that's been happening I forgot to say how awesome it was to have Calvin through my FIRST college semester! Wow ah.

Well after Christmas we just decided to chillax with our friends, playing Xbox and of course, eating! Now Calvin got to meet my two cats, Chatic and Chowder which means new animal friends! Wow all of our names start with “C”! That's cool. Well unfortunately I had to get nasal surgery which meant I wouldn't be able to do anything for a week... grr. He kept me company and helped me heal :)

Afterwards, we took a trip to UC Davis and showed him the huge huge campus. It was a lot different than Berkeley. But alas, it was time to come home. For the next week, we enjoyed videogames, new friends, and even high school, just to visit. I feel like I showed Calvin a whole new world. But finally, it is time to leave Alameda and go back to Berkeley. And move in day, Calvin right next to me in the car. Evil bear almost didn't put on his seat belt. Tsk tsk. But now back to dorms and Berkeley and our fellow Circle K'ers. Finally moved in, reuniting Calvin with his friend from before break, poochie (see other page and picture).

And here comes the first day of classes. I got to tell Calvin all of my adventures through the raina dn in the world of physics, math, engineering, and demography. Clearly uneducated bear, Calvin already knew most of what I told him. But me and Calvin both don't particularly like rain or cold. Luckily for him, he was able to stay home and not worry about his grades. But it's been great being able to come home and just chill with Calvin. DEFINITELY going to miss it. But now it is time to return him to Circle K. Good bye Calvin. Until next time!
Circle K for life!

Hey look it's me again. Surprise! Me and Calvin were just given one more week to hangout, giving us a total of over 2 months together. Since December 1st to February 2nd. Amazing. Has to be a record!

But this week was awesome did so much. Including going to Circle K table while we got to see all of our Circle K awesome friends and Calvin got to see mama Sooyun. Afterwards we partied with Minji and Lily since we won a date with them during Fall Banquet.

We got a delicious dinner made by Melissa and we made dessert – apple pie, yum. We got to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. YUMMY MOVIE! But this week went by fast and now it's on to first general meeting of 2010 and time to meet new people. Until next time, singing off!
Peace :)


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