What a lovely week! The first thing I thought was that I get to keep her over thanksgiving break. Woot!

So on Tuesday, Calvin came back to my room and met my roommate. Wednesday, the floor was nearly empty. :( Calvin, my floormate, and I made snowflakes. With 3 stragglers, Calvin and I went down to Shattuck ate delicious sushi. Who knew Calvin was Asian at heart? Then, we watched “where the wild things are.” it was SO SCARY. Calvin made me close my eyes at some parts.

On Thursday we took the BART to the Oakland Airport. The plane ride was farily short. Calvin and I watch an episode of “Boys over Flowers.” Haha I love that Korean drama. Calvin thinks F4 (the 4 Asian boys) are very cute. Hehe.

So my mom & sister picked us up from the airport & we went straight to my cousin's house! All my cousins were impressed with Calvin's growl and her adorable personality! We ate delicious food. Calvin's kind of like me... she LOVES all the side dishes. She eats a lot for a bear her size!

We watched “The Ugly Truth” which was pretty inappropriate. It's okay though! I covered Calvin's eyes & ears when necessary. Friday, Calvin went Black Friday shopping with my sister and me. Oh man, that was tiring!

Then we grabbed sushi with my dad. Saturday morning, we woke up nice and early to go back to Oakland. Unfortunately, I checked in late and so I had to wait at the Oakland airport for 1.5 hours until my luggage came. Calvin and I had a deep conversation about life :)

For the past 3 days, Calvin has been helping me with my poli sci 3 homework. It was SO HARD but we finished now so it's all good. Bye Calvin! I'll miss you! Fek finals are coming up ><


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