I was so surprised (but happy!) that I got Calvin for this week. It seriously made my week! We had an awesome week together =)

On Wednesday night we went to visit my best friend in Davis, and while she went to a IV frisbee game Calvin and I hung out watching glee with her floormates – they were all very impressed by his growl. Then we took Calvin on a hunt for yogurt and coffee, which lead to us not sleeping until the next day.

Thursday night he met some people from my church group and then stayed up all night with me while I did homework.

On Friday he decided he needed a rest from all these all nighters so he stayed in while I went to K-fam dinner. But he helped me and my floormates make cards for senior citizens later that night! Saturday day he motivated me to finally get going on my paper =) After fenton's he decided he needed another nap so he didn't go out with me but he made sure I was up bright and early sunday to do my paper! I kept getting distracted but he kept me on task! We went to bed for 2 hours and then he napped while I went to class.

Monday night I went to go see New Moon but Calvin hasn't read the books yet so he decided to wait. He kept me company until 5am when I (finally!) finished my paper and calmed me down when I woke up at 6 and realized I needed to RUN to the service project.

I will miss his company – especially during all nighters! But I'm sure he will be happy to get some rest and enjoy an AWESOME thanksgiving! Yay Calvin!


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