I was really surprised when I got member of the week, so I stumbled as I went over to get Calvin.

The very first thing I did with Calvin was to have Airi hold on to him while we walked back to our dorms, since she missed him so much. Well when Calvin and I reached Foothill, he met all my suitemates and they all loved him! (Even if he did walk and growl through a game of Apples to Apples!) Calvin has been a comfort to me, as my roommate was absent for the entire week due to illness. :( He also posed for a picture holding asign addressed to a friend to get better. She is currently fighting bone cancer.

Calvin also went to all my classes and defended my Unicef box while I went around campus. I'm happy to say that box is getting heavier. On the event of Halloween we went to the Children's Halloween Festival workday and worked until very late at night.

That day I also took Calvin to Late Night at Crossroads with some new friends we made from the workday. I had to put Calvin in my backpack to save his eyes from burning from people's “costumes,” which weren't really considered clothing.

The next day we got up early to go to the Children's Halloween Festival!!! It was a lot of fun and Calvin was happy that the kids were scared by the haunted house.

After our fun adventure, Calvin and I did some hardcore studying for math midterm and paper. Finally, today is Tuesday and I have to give Calvin back. I'm sad that I won't have Calvin anymore. My friends and I grew fond of him. I'm glad that I at least got to spend my 18th birthday with him. Goodbye Calvin! I'm going to miss you! Have fun meeting new people and going on greater adventures!


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