I was honored to have Calvin be my guest this past week. Unfortunately, our week didn't start off too fun, since the first couple of d Calvin was with me he had to stay home because it was raining really hard.

But after that, Calvin and I had a lot of quality bonding time. On our first date, I took Calvin out to see an Indian (Hindi) A-capella singing competition. I think he really enjoy it!

The rest of week, Calvin has been my faithful study-buddy for my upcoming midterms. No matter what time of day or what place, I could always count on Calvin to patiently stay beside and help me with my review problems (little known fact: Calvin is really good at statistics!).

As our week together comes to a close, I can't stress enough how much I am going to miss Calvin being my guest and I hope he continues to have an amazing time with whomever hosts him in the future.


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