I want to thank Calvin the Bear for helping welcome me to Circle K – I loved his company this past week!

Unfortunately, he caught me at somewhat of an awkward time. What with a computer science project due and three midterms to study for, I didn't have much time to bring him on any grand adventures.

Let's just say he spent a lot of time hanging out on my desk with Doug the Llama, Chubs the Gnome, and the rest of the desktop gang, though he did get to meet a few of my human friends as well!

Over the weekend, Calvin accompanied me to my hometown near Sacramento, with a pit stop at UC Davis. My family was very welcoming of him, though my black lab was wary when he began to walk around and growl.

In turn, I hope Calvin was accepting of my nerdy activities, including epic lightsaber battles and pokemon naming contests with my 15-year-old brother.

We watched the opening ceremony of the Vancouver winter olympics on Friday, along with several events over the next few days. Calvin grew excited for the upcoming Circle K Tahoe social ta the sight of all that snow.

Sunday was a big day – Valentine's Day and chinese New Year! What a LOVELy start to the year of the tiger. I, for one, had a delicious dinner of chicken crepes.

It's time to say goodbye for now. I hope whoever's reading this makes sure to give Calvin a thrilling week – he's (or she?) one awesome little bear!


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