I didn't get to meet Calvin until Wednesday afternoon and we didn't really get to have fun until Friday. (Too much homework but Calvin was understanding). So Friday was super busy but fun-filled! We had such a great time at Le Conte Elementary making yummy ice cream for Hands on Science. Calvin got a brain freeze but he learned how to stop one just in time... to enjoy more ice cream!

After that we went to the single service workshop and painted signs for the Children's Halloween Festival. Then we went to the Homecoming rally. I thought it was okay but Calvin had a blast. He especially liked the Main Stacks dance performance. Saturday we missed the game... but we were pretty productive that day. The first half of Sunday was boring but we had so much fun @ the Maroon 5 concert! Calvin's favorite song: Stand by Me :) sung by One Republic! Aww I had such a fun week with you Calvin. Until we get to hang out again ... <3

Tiffany Kyo

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