My time with Calvin was short but sweet. :) On Friday, we went to Hands on Science and we created an awesome lesson plan for the kids at LeConte all about the stars and planets. I think it will be a lot of fun for them, especially the space mangers activity. Calvin is kind of jealous of them because he wants to be an awesome space explorer too, like Buzz Lightyear!
  On Saturday, Calvin and I slept in and then ate a delicious Clark Kerr Brunch before heading over to Concessions. Calvin was really excited to cheer on Cal and he was so happy when they made their first touchdown. Even though Cal didn't win, we still sold a lot of pretzels and churros and raised tons of money for charity.

  Right after Concessions we went to the Fenton's social and watched as Kay, Angie, Chris, Jeffrey, Katie, and Kathy took on the Fenton's Challenge. Calvin didn't know if he could thrust 3 lbs of ice cream, but I think with his BEAR appetite he can! There's always next year!
  Sunday, I was so tired that Calvin and I just spent the day napping, with a little time for homework there and there.
  Overall the week was a lot of fun filled with meaningful service, fun socials and good friends.

Sarah Reed

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